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The Blondie I Miss

I wish we were spending v-day together, wish I wasn't so far away. But so long as u can feel my love, it's all just space. We will hug again soon <3

Fellow daycare worker

Di, my fellow daycare worker, one day we'll finally get the kids to bed, we'll stay up late together, and I'll do dirty, dirty things to you!

Silly me

Sarah, unfortunately I still love matter how much we fight. A

Happy V-day My Sweet

I love you so much baby. What a wonderful time the past year has been. Being in love with you is easy through the ups and the downs. XOXOXO

To my Big Willie <3

Little Corvettes are red, Draags are blue, Top Pot is sweet, and I’m so delighted I met you! Who knew I'd find someone so "fantastic" at the GI. -Skye


I never thought I'd love someone who plays the trombone. But you tooted your way into my heart. Thank you for being my warmth. I love you, goober. RB

Taco Loves Crab

Next year I'll be right next to you. Thanks for being just the way you are. Can't wait till I can nag you again. Love you, V.v.V


r what we get when we clean. Been a rough ride since wedded in 2015. But I would NOT have any other cutie 2 shove my cold hands into their warm booty.

Dear Lerleen Box ...

You make my mouth smile and my eyes twitch. I grow big in your hands and then I am a sad elephant. Be Mine, again. Love, Snakey Joe ........

Shaaare the Loooaaad

I'm glad to be with you, Mister Broogles. Here at the end of all things. Let's hunt some orc & then blow off steam w/ longbottom leaf and deep v's.

***Lovely Nicole ;-o

18 yrs of love, wonder, & friendship unlike any other. Thank you for being my Mitch. YCB forever! Always be my pretty pretty princess. - your JoJo

JC, marry me.

JC, I love you to the ends of the earth. Marry me and I will promise to always bring home wine when I go shopping. xx-JAM


18 years of stranger v'tines. Saved dollars in cards. Bigly Loves you lots, your wife, that's me. <3

Follow you anywhere

Sugar Plum Baby Cookies...I'd quit my job and follow you across the country to make you happy. Love, Duhbs

Thank You

Becky Jo Robert Loves you SO.


You are my Beautiful Pescatarian Carnivore. I've Loved you since that First Egg Sandwich. Love, The Little Spoon

I Love Randi

You are the most wonderful part of my life. I can't imagine life without you. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I love You, MF

Sister Solidarity!

Suz- thanks for all you do: marching with first aid supplies, handing out water, going to anti-racist workshops... ¡Papeles y derechos por tod@s! -k.


To my dearest sister - I love you! Let's have another year of marches, healing, and hanging out. I'm so glad you're alive!

Hey Lovely Man

This latest chapter in our lives has yet to fully unfold, but I'm so glad to be turning the pages with you! Nearly 15 years of love...and counting.

Hey there S**ja M!

So glad we've renewed our friendship valentine this past year, and kept our I Heart Chicago bonds strong! L&D

Dearest Dr. MLM

Thanks for moving within recurring visit distance! We love our doses of hilarity & hijinks, dinners & drinks with you! Chicago bonds 4ever. xo -L & D

My dear Kiki,

I've messed up a lot, but this year is different. This time, I'm gonna do it right. I love you, and I'll make sure you feel the warmth of home again.

10 years from now...

This year I've started to get an idea of what life will be like once the kids are grown, and it's just us 2...AND IT'S GONNA BE RAD! Love you, Jess!

<3<3 muffins <3<3

I'll share my white chocolate and peanut butter reeses if you'll share your booterscotch M&Ms. i love you, pippa

Pandas love Burritos

especially when they're sausage. To my boyfriend, best friend, husband, and partner in crime: love you lots and lots.

Erica, my love

Everything is so great! We're hotter, smarter, richer, and more in love than we've ever been before. If you don't watch out I'm gonna marry your butt!

DadBod 4 lyfe

I LOVE YOU JOSH! Let's keep doing this married thing, it's awesome. XOXO T


I like the way you stand, and move, and the gentle methodical rhythm of your voice, like the rise and fall of an inland sea. You startle me.

Kelly Bear

You're the love of my life. We met in Chelan when you were 15 & now our daughter is 12 (ack!). Look forward to every day of this adventure. Love you.


Can't imagine a day w/out you. You're smart & have gr8 perspective. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" love u


Few people think they've mastered anything. You're confident & tough - not just at roller derby. You deserve the world & won't settle for less. love u

For my Cica

Since I told on that certain day that 'I do' I tell you always: wherever You go I am with You! I love You always and forever!!! <3 Your Cicaláb xox


I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER NEVER tell you how much I still love you.


Seven years have passed since the first note of our friendship began and my heart continues singing with joy every time you kiss me. Love, Breanna.

One Beautiful Mother

Emmie, you've created the most wonderful family I can imagine. I'll make sure the kids thank you when they're older. I will always love you! - E-pea

Off-Grid Love

Happy Valentines Day Laura! Can't wait to get off grid with you. I love you! -Jeff

<3 pigs <3

Two years knotted and you're still fun to buddle with. Cover me with kisses and I'll cover you with hot love. -Pigs

Your Sexy Uber

Will always pick you up, have your back, appreciate your beauty & sparkling personality & baby blues. You are truly my dream boat. always yours, H

We <3 You Mama Emily

You're the light of our mornings—the calm of our nights—you're our favorite thing in the whole world & we love u more than there are stars in the sky.


Just Lub. Lub. LUB.


Drew, If I'm your music, you are my lyrics... you bring meaning to my melody, compassion to my rhythm, and reason to my rhyme. I love my hubbie-buddy!


Literally fucking you is a nice distraction from how we're all figuratively fucked. Let's do it more often.

You Know How I Do

David, I need a compass when I look at you, because I keep getting lost in your green eyes.

Mr. E____

Beb! I love you so much. Thank you for letting me get to share my life with you and being the most amazing, wonderful partner. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

To Moan, my favorite

Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Dog Ranch.Retire. Love you, gorgeous.

Joe, qua tutor

We did it - what's the next adventure? You've got a 6 month head start. Be warned of my tracking skills.


'I looked at her and I realized that what I wanted was to deserve her.'

the moon's moon(s)

loving you is looking up at the night sky when you're in the woods, hovering beneath a million stars that all seem like they came out just for you.

Temeloiteten poussin

When low I confide in you, when happy I am with you, when lost I follow you specially in Japan, when in love I am looking at you

Dear Erin

I can't believe its been 4 years already! Every day we spend together makes me love you even more. I can't wait for more adventures with you. <3 Max

Hey girl

To my dear friend Molly, here's to finding men who love us as much as we love each other. XO Jenny

Forever my Cathy

In the darkness and the still of night i wait in the windy moors calling out for you. Playing games of hopscotch in the shadows. Your Heathcliff.


HVD to my beautiful blue-eyed baby with the mischievous smile. You are my Absolute Favorite Person. You have my heart, Always and Forever. Love, 821

To BD from TB

Happy V-Day! I love you more and more as the years pass. Looking forward to our 18th anniversary.

My beauty

You-my heart, makes life worth living. Where I fall short;you are right there. I look into your eyes and I know what is true. My baby- I love you.

Maui moon in your hair Kisses from here to there Your laugh- the sweetest sound. You are the most precious soul I've ever found.

Sexy doe eyes

The curve of your hip, and you know I love your juicy bum. Your soft lips- the weight of you on me. Your skin so soft. There is no better place.

Glimmering Girl

Arresting beauty. Unmatched poise. Sparkling humor. Bottomless creativity. I spend quiet moments marveling at you. My shimmering valentine. Tess.


My gorgeous Queen. Our fifth Valentines Day together, and our best. Marry me naked in the desert and I will love you forever. <3 Pony


To Do 2017: make babies & raise our mini revolution leaders Captain Fantastic-style. Only 4 yrs til Bernie is pres. "I live here now..." LOVE YOU.

Sri Sri Ivy Gee

4 cats in our yard everything used to be so hard now everything is easy b/c of u

Thanks Tinder

My best friend, it's like you were plucked from my dreams. You're the Aidan Quinn to my Sandra Bullock. I love you unconditionally. Forever yours, Tit

Good morning lover

I heart you, sexy! I love dreaming of our sexy future together. Tie me up and fuck me already... after you take out the dog and defrost some chicken.


My PRINCE lives in a kingdom far away Of you, my Valentine, dream every day. HS, I will see you in September.

Ting & Momo

We met-we traveled-we moved to vashon- our days together are what I crave- you are an incredible woman- the future is female I will always love you <3


I miss eating noodles and holding hands with you.



I love and like you, pure & simple. Your Sugar Britches (now and forever)

Wake up AB!

I'll be your valentime all the time ... lub!

To my Sugar Britches

I love you more and more each year. Can't wait to get into your britches!


Our love is like music! Happy LOVE Day!YOUMEWE777❤️LMP

Hihi My Favorite!!!

My Dearest Handsome Husband Man, Happy Valentines I love you the most!! I've got the hugstuff baby for you! ## Your Sassy Wife Lady Face

Dearest Adrasteia

It's been over six years now since that steak and symphony, and it's still true...we will never be just friends. I'm yours, Valentine.

Uncle Thor

The baby can't wait to meet you. Thank you for being such a great friend. Oly misses you. Love, Jesse

Passion for Protest

Ryan - Your passion for protest fires me up and makes me hot! I love you now more than ever. Rob


You're the only one I want to split groceries with at Costco. -Liv

To all the fools jib

"The half wise, recognizing the comparative unreality of the Universe, imagine that they may defy its Laws such are vain and presumptuous fools."

Happy V-D Day

Hellio Blue i thought if tthis made it in print you would know how i want to do you (screw) im not that great with words but the tung has a job.


u still make my heart melt & i always believe u! thank u for sharing the adventures with me, i adore u! xoxo luv & peanut butter, 🌞

You make loving fun

Charley, Everything is better with you. Thank you for racing carts with me in the rain. I love you. Your loving wife, Alex

Mama's Boy

I Love the way you take care of us Even the way you cuss. Have I mentioned You have my attention. I Love the way you love It fits like a glove.

Buddy Action/Comedy

Found a bond, but struggling to bind. Fear, frustration, uncertainty: leave them all behind. I love you. You're worth my time. Please be my Valentine.

More sheep&puffins!

Lots of changes coming up- baby girl, new house, and watching our boy grow! The only constant is you and our love :). Happy Valentine's day! Your Jade

Heya Joshie pooks

Cutest of Pies. You are the greatest slice of my life. You've been a champ through all of this shit, and my hero. I love you, Pie, in all versions.


Penne and I love you. And all your guns.

To MAS from MAS

You are the cheese to my macaroni. The worlds best macaroni!!! You're weird, I'm weirder. Love ya, old fart!

Love is Cumbersome

I waited a long time for you. And, even in the hardest times, I know that no one else could love me like you do. Happy 7 year Anniversary, Butterbear.

MoMa's needs

I've never written you a love letter, so here goes. I fought you off until I couldn't. Now my heart is your subject, locked willingly to its master.

Lily You Me Makes 3!

Hil, I am so grateful for every minute of our memories, all of the growth that we are experiencing and for our magical future. Be mine! xoxx KA

Lick You

To my greatest love.

Prince to Apollonia

You are the Apollonia of my eye. I just want your creamy thighs. Don't you know I would die 4 U cause nothing compares 2 U and every sexy thing U do.

dear work crush

I've been crushing on you over the course of a year, I have been trying to drop hints and even asked you out and you still don't get it. you suck.

My Handsome Bebe!

My smarty, herbal medicine making, precious how you love me bebe. I'd live in the countryside for you. Be it in my country or yours. I love you!

Time Spent With You

David, The marginal returns of spending time with you will never diminish seeing as my demand for you can never be fully supplied! I love you! -Jenna

Ice cream wife lady

You are warm, soft, smell nice, and make me happy (exactly like ice cream). You love dinosaurs and maybe me. And I love you ##!

nurse Je@nee

Big bear, big bear were art thou be, Little bear is miss you, get well :) We see each other soon.

What is Love?

Wishing you a great night where the stars above you sing "you are my sunshine." I heard your voice for the 1st time and since then I'm crushed- Moses


To my sweet husbear, I love you more than See's Candy! Thanks for a great 18 years love and companionship. Here is to many more years to come!!!

ebb and flow

the gruff man is candy in my hand. so sweet. come home to me, said the moon to the sea.