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Jstn: Sorry

We didn't make it to V Day, would be my 1st in 7 years. Pretty sure I'll always ❤️ you. Sry 4 calling u old & bald & lying about not liking white guys


i m ur werewolf.we r spider&tiger.manzanita&terroncito.i will b ur anything over all yrs past & to come.luving u more than ystrdy and less than tmrw.


The only one I can be a lonely horseman with. The only one who understands boob pressing against the shower stall. U r the bestest. Oooh girl. xx

beach reading 4 MIG

roses r red greyhounds r gray times r hard but u make it ok thanks 4 making coffee, running in lil circles, etc. ur my best friend, I love u

Its a trap!

You may kiss your lord's ring Admiral Sea Urchin. Raise your glass of turtle bear and toast to new conquests. Can't wait for Labor Day with bae.

Look HERE, My Dear

2016 is behind us, I'm looking forward to 2017. Hopefully we'll both get what we daydream about... I love you, J Terry

Sweet Tits McGee

Happy Valentines Day! So in love with you! Super excited for this next chapter...The Vashon Years. Bee Keepin', Crab boatin', Beach Walkin'. Yahoo!

Welcome to hell

Those words from so many years ago seem different given current events. But even if it is hell, I can't think of anyone I'd rather be with. Love you!

Robby Romance

For real tho, I can't wait to be your wife. xoxo

To Baby Bluey

You're forever the Mackinaw peach of my eye. Excited for our island adventure, & hope Stingy doesn't sting you while you tend to your new hive. xo, K

Sweet pea loves pup

I won't spare a moment on the dog faced boy. (You are my world) <3

SEA to JFK Calls

From the kitchen table & floor seances, NYU & H&M, Monterey & San Jose, it's always been a riot of fun & support. Now let's make that honeymoon happen! xx

Definitely trouble

Brown-eyed Brit fired up pun wars on a first date, played bongos on my ass then situated so I could fall asleep on your chest. Cheers to more of this.

our love is hope

10 yrs 2 boys 2 cats and a dog and here we are M + J. You challenge me, you make me laugh, you are still the coolest guy I know. I love you husband!

Dear Paco

I would lick your pussy like it was a spicy pork rib. But, with (extra) love. I'm yours. Love, Ted


I'm glad I picked someone as crazy as I am and I look forward to all of our adventures for years to come. I love you Kurt.

The line was SO long

(These are our concerns, Dude). Yet, the undulating orange swaths leading across the water dissolved all worry. (Nothing is f*cked), but I'd like to.


Marry me again Kassandra. We will get through this together and be stronger for it. I love you and the children so very much. I'm with her. Jonathan

To Sally

You fought for US. When part of US wanted to break up, you let US know where you stand. Thank you and sorry. Please forgive those of US who fucked up.

To my lovebird,

You make my heart get real poofy. It's always beeping for you!

Love Lost

Every morning I try to convince myself that I don't still love you, and every morning I fail.

Bearded Hottie @Work

You make work better with your charm; rugged bearded good looks and you smell good too! Thanks for coming to Seattle via Indiana then North Carolina.

To a human girl

Thank you for invading my table. Let's stay baked in a buttery, flaky crust in 2017.

143 Wubs

I can't believe this is our 19th Valentine's Day! I love you more each year! Here's to 19 more! Happy Valentine's Day Hot stuff! xoxo

Giggles and Wiggles

Giggles, You, my wonderful wife, are the best part of my life! I love you! Happy 1st Valentine's Day! Wiggles

Love you Rachie!

You are such a beautiful and amazing woman. I have loved you since day dot. Thanks for being such a great wife and mother to Beebah. Love, Jim

Two Hearts As One

To Diane on our 17th Anniversary, Roses Are Red and The Pond Is Warm. Lets Meet At The Shack, Our Hearts Are One.

Th 4changingcatbox

puffin- Thx for changing the cat box and agreeing to marry me. I love you always - PP


That night you moved the ketchup bottles So I'd have more room at the counter "Want to meet up sometime?" "Yes." Hope you aren't stuck in ketchup.

Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Another year - another series of moments, hugs, dances, oozes, travels, laughs, eggy breakfasts, sexy times, and ADVENTURES!

dental dreamboat

My dentists' assistant is hot. I'd let him put anything in my mouth and drill me later. D <3

Husband, Champion

To whiskers nights and policy fights, shared resistance for human rights, soccer wins and urban life, I look forward to the rest of forever with you.

I love u Suckapants!

Thank you for being the Nerdshine of my life! You are amazing!


Tweedle beedle, you are the coolest cat I know. Thank you for being you! You are a bad @$$ lady! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. All the hugs -Mommy


I can't feel my face when I'm with you; typically because of the restraints. It has been a wil rie baby. on't worry, I'll give you all the D's l8r -ST

You are my sonshine

Dear Pookie Snugglebritches, I'm so glad you answered my Craigslist ad. I love you lots. You make me smile. Love, Daddy

Dear Douglas

My sweet love - your family loves you to the moon and back. xome

K8 Sweet K8

I cherish every random moment we get to hang out together lady lou. I was too late last year to submit this... oops. xome



Charlie cray

Laura, so happy to be w/ you these wonderful 1.5 years. Also happy your cat doesn't want to murder me anymore. Love you!!! <3

Lots and Lots

Thanks for being my otter and sharing my tea.


Please love me forever even though I couldn't shut a cupboard to save my life! Your the tiniest and I smoocho love you!!!!!


You are the moss to my water bear, the Andy to my Ollie. I'm so proud of every amazing thing you do. I love you! - xoxo Soup


Expertise is beauty; beauty is expertise. I adore the best coaches in this sport, and a shout to Matt,Briana and Patty, who make it possible.


beautiful picante angel of the highest order. apple of mine eye. singer of soft songs & whatnot. EMAN! KING OF MYSTERY. come home <3 ur cornbread girl


You are my sun, moon, and stars- you are my everything. Impossible you ask? Waiting for you at a park bench. <3 -cera

LOVE MONKEY oohoohah

Here's to all of eternity: switching who's the little spoon in endless combinations of perfect ways we fit together - your face forever touching mine.

2 U, Noleroo.

You're the watch springs and doll heads to my ghoulish basement workshop. To love's eternal glory, my Nolers. HVD. Lerve, M

only you

paula. remember our valentine's cards in elementary school? everybody got them. sixty years later, i need only one. be my valentine? please. jim


6 years ago, we found you both on Lustlab. Later, we made it official with a HUMP! win. It's an epic Portland-Seattle poly quad love story!

Dear Mr. Valentine

I'm glad that your day does exist, Cuz you're one that I can't resist. So hug me real tight, And kiss me all night, I love you, my sweet feminist.

a nefarious deed

with catlike noises (if not reflexes) the brian strikes - makes off with my socks and my heart

Share your LOVE!

Take all the love you have in your heart, cherish it, and then give it all away. Love to all!

Paging Officer Cole!

Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Devorcles

Daddy D

There is a new girl in town that ruffles your feathers and demands attention. Don't forget your old faithful Susi. <3 your pekes

I'm glad we met

tôi nghĩ rằng bạn đang nóng

"New to Town" Babe

Spencer: I read TS from Antarctica. Your picture in "Advice to Seattle Newcomers from Newcomers" made me feel warm down here in this frozen desert.


My love for you is like the aurora borealis: expansive, geomagnetic, and way too fucking far away. I swoon when you say hypothesis. Let's be nerds 4ev

Round trip lovers

I cannot wait to read The Stranger with you in person, in Seattle in a few months for an undisclosed period of time.


We've come a long way from that waterside karaoke joint. 3,000+ miles. And you have become much more than a seductive solution. I love you. LL

Planet Double Crush

S&N, your alien circus ways excite and intrigue me. Inquire for further behavioral research and cultural exchange. You two threw me into orbit -spider

Bend me, Squeeze me

To the accordion guy in PikePlace, you need to know how handsome you are, how much I like your music and how you make my ankles weak. 4shotLatte

touch me i'm stink

remember that time that we were making out to mudhoney and everything was so hot and you picked me up but then you farted? yeah, me neither. ilu<3


My heart still aches Fanhaili, wishing we could have make things work out between us. The right side of my bed still carries your warmth. LOVE YOU

DO U like Thai Food?

Sure, it's only been a few months but I can't seem to get enough of you in every way so I hope you make a collage out of this to show me when I'm 70


18 years of stranger v'tines. Saved dollars in cards. Bigly Loves you lots, your wife, that's me. <3

Sarah, You Are a Joy

Sweet friend. Your thoughtfulness, hilarity, and warmth are unparalleled. To me, as many of us, you are a home here in Seattle. We miss you already!

My Sweet Pickweed

From day one our friendship has grown. I love you on so many levels. I can’t imagine my life without you in it! Thanks for being here, Bunky!

Girl Next Door

I am the luckiest. Who knew I would find the most amazing man next door and we would be married for 7 years now. U mean the world to me! Lv, Cupcake


10 years ago you asked me to be your valentine, and despite all the changes and the miles between us, you still are. XOXO sneekybunny

Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan I heart you for saying you'd galumph across a beach to tusk the shit out of someone for me. You are Best Superior Walrus Husband! XOXO

Sexxxxxxy face

My love, my dearest, my sweetest heart, let's buy candy on the 15th


You are my favorite Nathan and I love you!


Though our flock has changed a bit this year, it's still the best. Love you all 1200. Sleep well and don't let the snowhearts bite!

CH-My Sugar Man

You return home & EVERY TIME, my heart skips a beat, my passion flares & we make love simply by staring into each other's eyes. I love you FOREVER. EH

Your Lovable FurBag

Thank you for all the pets and nose kisses. I'm sorry for trying to steal from all your food dishes. Love, Scarf Cat


You are my best friend. You are my bandmate. You are my husband. You are my home. You are my everything. And I am yours. Always and forever. xoxo

From Me to Me

Wow. Made it. Got a new job, started dating again. Much work left to do, but at least feeling more human every day. Keep healing gorgeous! Proud of u

Sexy pizza man

Spencer, we got married in June and every day since has been better than the last. I look forward to many more years of feeding you donuts. I love you

Robot Loves You!

Thanks for all the private variety shows you've given me. Can never get enough of you. I'm one lucky dude. You'll always remain my dream girl.

13 Years of Us

Everyone loves 3ric. Even me. Let's continue to feed the revolution & wear black until we die. Relevant and aware and full of love. Yr potato, Katt.

Boom loves Bendy!!!!

To my love, inspiration, comfort and support. You are the Bendy to my Boom, The 11 to my 11, and the wind in my sail. Happy Valentine's Day!


You make me cream my jeans! I love you. FOREVER. Infinity.

We Got This

Katt, I can't imagine a life without you in it. We've grown into who we are, because we were there for each other every step of the way. We got this.

Paul b

Best hockey playing lawyer husband ever. Thank you for all your love & support through the years and for our kick ass kids and life. Love forever.


She floats like a swan, grace on the water, standing quiet in the rain, lips like sugar, Sugar Kisses! The very thought of you, my love :-) Hadji

-*-*-*Juju Jalacious

My darling J, I am so thrilled to have you as my partner. I love waking up to the sight of your naked body as you dress in the morning. More please.

You Are (Not) Alone

I believe in you, just like you believe in me. You've inspired me to live again, to create again. I'm grateful to be a part of your world, Gabi.



My Tea Leoni

Dear, I just love to look at U. There is something about ur face that draws me in, always has. Call it beauty. U R beautiful & kind, the best things.






What a year of awful we've had!! Thanks for sticking close and then even closer!! We'll have time in the sunlight soon, I just know it.

Boof!! BOOF!!

Happy Valentines Day - thanks for always putting up with me and my ways! xoxoxo k

To my favourite wwww

Though with time, we may have become comfortable and complacent, each time I look at you, I fall in love all over again. Always!! your tigerbear

To our loving Denise

You are the mother load of love in our lives! We share your bed, your sink and your toilet and you are still the greatest! with love from TIMO-Glenn

Maryann, oh Maryann

to our sistah, our favourite Danish queen: HAPPY VALENTINE'S! luv ya mega, Bromark & Thomas

Ruff Luv

I'll face our dystopian future with you by my side. Let's drink Rainier and punch some nazis. xoxo, B


Mi Amor, This has been one crazy year but it's also a journey I will never forget. ALWAYS and FOREVER. 4 Years Strong, love you , Tetsumi

To "Aphrodite"

Ashley. I hope to be the man you deserve. Will you be my Valentine? And celebrate the happiness we have found in each other? Tanner B.