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You stink, I stink, let's get our stink all over each other!


I am very happy that I managed to capture such a warm, kind, wise and thoughtful Charmander. Thank you for being you. Love you bubba!


to my salt & pepper prince: this redhead loves The Fuck Outta u. 2 love children/2 decades/2 million adventures, crushing on u harder now than ever

Spacetime JC to WR

WR, from one decaying meat machine on a speck in the void to another, I love you. Let's get all political and have gay sex. -JC


I will always be your tender at the Milk Bar.

Love you

So happy to have you and bugaboo in my life :)


I know I must sound like a broken record, but I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I can't imagine where I'd be without you, xoxo

Left my heart in LA

And my skateboard, so you know I'll be back. Uncle Nick warned me you were the real thing. He was so, so right. Can't wait to see you again, Anna.

Someone in my corner

Sarah, I love you! You've always been in my corner. To me, that is what true love means. Here's to us and our exciting journey through life!


In a season of such uncertainty I have never been more happy. Happy because of the things that really matter. Happy because of you. LOVE YOU T!!!!!!!!

Studious Classmate,

I can't tell if your interest in running away to the tropics with me is academic or romantic. Shall we study each other this Valentine's Day?

crushin' on jm

I'll make you pancakes Any time, cuddle with me Be my valentine xo jena

Glo's Cafe Cutie

Thanks 4 sending coffee cake my way. I go for the pancakes but leave smiling because of your under-the-hat grins and willingness to eat mystery candy.

ur my hero ine

My Rockin' Joe 4eva

I've got your gorgeous Muslim back; over my dead body will that POS-POTUS take you away from me & your adopted home. Butt stuff is RESISTANCE baby!

Zamboni Mike

The way you wear your backwards hat slightly askew makes my heart sing.

To My Love Pelican

You are an Amazing Dad, Husband and friend. I love you so much it hurts. I'm so thankful we have you. Kisses and cuddles, Rabbit!

KAOS reigns!

I love the ways we fit together, my partner in crime. Let's go to bed. Earlier. For sleep.

yo, Chewels

despite your retro references I like you so much I like, Love You. let's do a no PNTZ dance to celebrate our Chewels like Love. -QB

To Kevin

You are a kind and gentle gift to humanity. I love your sleepy voice and soft armpits.


I miss you all. <3 from Alaska!

Tabby Talk

We have the best cats. I'm glad you ladies (and your cats) are in my life.

The Boston Ginger

You're the Thelma to my Louise.. except the driving off a cliff bit, or the other nasty stuff....but you know what I mean! Love ya! Lynnie Lynn Lynn

My dearest Diana

Every day I love you more and more. You are the woman of my dreams, and I can hardly wait to see what adventures we'll have together.


Hey B- Let's keep doing this forever, yeah? By "this" I mean long distance filth, snacks, and annual trips to Tulum. Sticky for you, P

by any other name

Sir, I will always cherish the name you gave me 23 years ago, its meaning, & the dog-tag spelling out what I am to my Nix. With deep love, your jessie

I adore you, D

You dragged me Brussels so let me drag you to Goa. I adore you and lets make 2017 the year we make Trump's worst nightmare a reality. - Z

Lil Dawg Big Schmoop

Little dawg, big schmoop, the pattern's grown clear, you're my kind of woman <3

Little Handsome Love

Little Handsome is my man—for nearly 40 years. Love your laughter, heart, and smile and all those silver hairs sprouting in your ears. Your boy, Bobo.

Penguin to Penguin

Deer Penguin, I love you and our weird animal cadre & I love that we exist in a beautiful city together. Onward towards mountains til Orcas eat us -_-

To my FUPA <3

Happy Valentines Day Boo Bear! I love you so much and I'm so happy we met each other. I'm looking forward to many more adventures with you :)

To Matthew

Thank you for your smile, your kindness, all the joyful times we've shared together... I can't wait for more poetry, more endless nights in March <3

Wish you were here

S, You're over 5k miles away and it hurts. I miss you terribly. I love you so much. There's so much I want to say, but there's never privacy.*kiss* -G


Put it in your mouth.

Wild Man

Meet me tomorrow night in Prague under the Charles Bridge? I love you more than Bob's Burgers. <3 Your Turkey Triscuit Cheeseball

Piper 2000

Since we met I've reminded myself we are in a short term relationship. I fell madly in love with you anyways. Please don't leave me any time soon bug.

7 Years 2 Babies

Lauren, you are the only person I could ever live this life with. I would never love or trust anyone else enough to do it.

The Office Cowboy

You saunter by my desk each day Good morning And you're on your way Your extended gate & southern drawl Inspire scarlet flush & a hushed Yeehaw

Von Arlington

You have grown up to be such an amazing sexy man but you will always be my little baby. I'm so proud of how far you've come and how far you'll go.

Chicken Soup Brigade

I love you and all your good work. Please don't ever leave us, you've changed things for the best more than you'll ever know. Cheers to the future!

Ninjabae Bamboozle

You did me a bamboozle with giant crickets, industrial dancing and vegan chicken soup. Let's always touch feet and be adventure snails, my ninjabae.

Mikey Monkey

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. You are my light, you are my love.

Mr. Butter!

Let's keep exploring each other's bodies as we explore the world. ;) ps let me smack that ass! Love, Mrs. Butter

My Moon and Stars

Happy Valentines Day Lauren. You are the love of my life and I can't wait to spend it with you.


Happy Valentine's Day to the best husband and doggie dad there is!! We love you so much!! ❤️️Berny and Doodle


It was that first smile. You destroyed me and put me back together all in the same moment. Thank you for the gift of this hopeless romance. Te quiero

You are it!

After twenty plus years together I never tire of you. I am not sure this is exciting or sexy enough but you are it! There is no one else for me.


The last 5 years deep in the rice paddy have been amazing. Gay cartoons and all. I love you, 007. I'm lucky. 🌶

Struggle and snuggle

Threez, let's spend this Valentine's Day just like we always do: struggle against hegemonic power all day, snuggle against each other all night.

Moe bouncer 2011

From the minute we met you caught my attention. I SOOO miss our time together, but such is life I guess. I will never forget the love we felt & had <3

My favorite souvenir

I still love u Chelsea, while I have given up any hope for reconciliation a long time ago, I still wish u the best. I hope wherever u are u are happy.

margo margo margo

i'm a death-obsessed robot you're a goth engineer and i've got a soft spot for you, my most dear

MB, Love of My Life

YOU are the most amazing husband! I waited 8 years to say I Do I would have waited 100 because YOU are my EVERYTHING! & the funniest person I know! xo


who is that hiding under the covers, all coy and lovely? is it my willing victim? the one i will soon smother with kisses! IT IS YOU, THE POOPOOS MAN!

A Very Blue Moon

32 years. Here's to 32 more.

Still Trippin

Here I am again, "the one that got away". So glad we found each other again. Gonna rack up some miles, I can already tell. Xoxoxo K

My Last Curlew

I love how we hate the same things. I love how we love the same things. Whatever we weather it doesn't matter whether because I love you MOST.

Dearest Eggplant

Thank you for baking, always listening, loving animals, making me laugh, prioritizing 'us', and warming my cold feet. I love you more than cheese!

Ownership for Life

You are my Valentine and always will be. Your Love is the air i breath, the beauty i see and i always know i am Yours. i Love You Caleb, forever json

My Baby Bug

BooBear - I am so thrilled to be your mama! You are an amazing human and I'm very proud of the amazing person you are. Love you lots and lots!

My favorite Giant

Happy V-day to my favorite giant, my support, my love, my sanity, my husband. I love you to bits, Lou!!

Meow Meow

I'm currently waiting on you to finish a reading so we can start watching a movie, but you keep reading me passages. I love our nights. Days, too. –P

Tay Money I'm Yours!

Octavio you are the captain to my crunch, the honey to my combs, the apple to my Jacks, the cocoa to my pebbles, & I cerealisouly LOVE TF outta You!

Still Lalaloo You

I know the last year's been rough, but I love you with all my heart, butternut. Always have, always will, and with each passing day that grows.

Love you to the moon

Ian, I love you forever and ever. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. (And raising our fur-baby Buster). With love, Zack

Bus Boy

I look forward to your smile every day. Will you be my valentine? Bus Girl

My little "whore"

I love eating your perky ass just before I slide into you. I'm one lucky BF... I love you babe. Oh, and happy birthday too! Now let's go get high. <3

Darling Naomi,

You poetic, noble, land mermaid. Beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox. My beautiful, rulebreaking moth. Please start watching P&R Love, C

As Bulleh Shah says

Z: Without you, I am nothing my beloved. Like a shadow, I am following you. When I speak, you speak inside me, if I am quiet, so are you. -- Yours, K

Engine's revving

Ready to travel with you, sweet D - on wheels, virtually or otherwise, my life-companion! Working together to help our unlucky planet. And our babies!

Our Little AJB

We now have two AJBs and our family is complete. You work so hard for our family and my heart almost can't hold all the joy. I love you KLB! <3

Dear Kami

Thank you for being in my life and my filthy apartment. This year has been such a learning experience thank you for never giving up. I love you. -RJ

To my baby butt,

Life for us has been hard because I am trans, but I love you with all my heart and wake up everyday worrying you will be soon gone. Happy vday, Panda.

I love you more than either of us expected. You make my whole body feel sexy. Especially my toes. That part I expected even less. Thanks love.

To my grumpalumpagus

I'm so glad Tinder allowed me to ask u out, Real World moved u to Seattle, and the Deming Log Show exists. Would you like to be my sunshine? Love u <3


You make my heart go thump, thump! Friend Owl calls it "twitterpated." Bambi was my 1st movie. Coincidence? Let's make our own story an amazing one.

Be here now

You constantly show me what I'm capable of and for that I love you with all of my heart. In the coming years, I hope to return the favor. Lovulovu

Jason of the Quake

To the kindest (and most handsome) feminist I know. Always enjoy time spent with you!!


Come the morning every blue shade of green Come with me, go places

Make VD Great- Again

Matt: Be my Valentine b/c you've put up with me for 25 consecutive Valentines Days, & while I hate Valentines Day I still think you're fucking awesome

confused in love

sorry i'm having a hard time wrapping my noggin around this whole relationship thing. you are amazing beyond belief

Putin Baby

I love you and your golden showers blackmail- make me squeal - Trumpy Baby



America, I Love You

Even when you are crazy, irrational and petty, I know you are also inspiring, caring and beautiful. I am still here. Peace Metta Hug Love, William

EW - !!

I bet you will never see this and although you make me nuts...I still adore your crazy ways. xoxo K


yeah you! I blush like a tomato Pale as a chipped potato You're a real peach Just out of reach xo k


Ben in Berlin- I'm glad we're friends & I hope we stay that way until the end of time. Let's keep fighting for a just world. Hugs from Chicago, Sophia

D'Artagnan & Sushi

Hey Kenneth, Of all I got from online dating, our friendship is by far my favorite. Big love to you and Katharine. Your friend forever, Sophia


Sorry, but I have to save all the good stuff for my vows. I could not be happier to marry you on July 8 and I promise to never stop buying you BB-8's


Thank you for being an amazing partner. I am so lucky I know who your guy is. Here's to a million more squishes. I love you


Beatrix and Benedict make me crazy some days, love Shakespear! Listen to the new Pixies album. 2 Pairs of green eyes. Liz says "Hi." - Marty

Snudsy Mc Snuds

I wowed you with my karaoke skills at Bush Gardens on Valentine's Day 13 years ago. 2 states, a dog and 2 kids later... best decision ever. Love you!

My Beautiful Slob

Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll do anything to be the only bimbo for you. Thank you for 10 amazing years of adventures & partnership! <3 Bimbo

@bonadrag ❤❤❤

Why I awwwta... You are my favorite person in the United States of America! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. EJM + AER FOREVER. ❤️


You've given me more beauty, struggle, and joy than I've ever known, and I can't thank you enough. I love you more than a bucket full of puppies.

My Queen (& Chester)

It's been an exciting, interesting & sometimes bumpy ride - but unreal nonetheless. You are the worcestershire to my steak. You & your pup have my <3


Always Dot. Together, Apart, then Together. Lucky in Life. Lucky in Love. Always Dot. KMAG


Sexy- Distance and time have nothing on you and me. Looking forward to the future. love, your Skinny

Estranged, devoted

Every day, I dream of winning the lottery to make your dreams come true even though every day, we avoid each other in the hall.

Lord of the Rings

You stared me down at Vito's and Chapel, I then really wowed you when I danced to my goodies...13 years, 4 kids and 3 dogs later. So in love with you