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Yolanda, my ♡

I want to wake up to your bright, loving eyes and warm, sleepy smile every day for the rest of my life. I love you so much. Thanks for being all mine.

To My Darling Gerbil

Jeremina, you are my little smoocharoni with a butt chiseled by angels. Those sweet cheeks have carried us through so much. Will you be my valentine?


Dear mom, you're an awesome human and a good mom! Happy Valentines Day!! Love you. -DW

Hey Turbo, love LB

Looking forward to the year and our next getaway. Stay feisty redhead.

Captain Cranium

I got you. Weep, scream, cry out, rage, fucking annihilate. I swear I’ve got you! Gustav & Lola=4EVER Your magical squirrel, always.<3 <3

AW at St John's

Hey stalker! I like what we have going on, you and your magical kisses are pretty amazing. Ponypants!!!

I love you, Brian!

You are the cheese to my macaroni. I'll love you forever and always!

My Dear Professor B

Love you, even though. Here's to a wonderful 2017 despite your politically-driven malaise. There's still so much good in our lives.

AG to KM 4Eva

Girl, it was the love of Seattle that brought us together. You know it. Proud you are a Seattliete 4 life.

Happy anniversary!

Here's to 18 years and counting Mr. La!

Persimmon 143 -Peach

Adversity has bedraggled us, true. But I still believe our best days are ahead, my Coffee Man, and I want to find a way forward. Be mine! Your Cream


I'm your shuggie, you're my shuggie, and like Mariah said, you'll always be my baby. Love you forever big baby. EC<3PD

Vagina Dentata

Times gonna be tough but we will never doubt each other. That's everything. Love you always. Chris


I give u my hand, my love more precious than $ Myself before preaching or law. Will u give me urself? Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?

Almost 6 months

Gosh -- can it last, love? Visions of dancing [insert here] imprinted forever on the back of my eyelids. Your straight lesbian lover, Capt. Obvious.

♥Sweet Baby Iris♥

You know you make me quiver in all my naughty parts right? Lets keep this on the nasty side til we're old and grey! I love you so hard baby! xoxo Ryno

Beautiful Chelsea

Your love, strength, and passion make me fall harder for you every day. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Love, Joe


You are the sun, moon, stars and all that other good shit. I love you more than all the cats on the internet.

Babe ♡

That one night, you made everything alright. So wrong, so right, all night, alright, aww yeah...

To my loveadove

Happy Valentine's Day to my Seamus! I love you one hundred & I can't wait to get married this year & for us to continue our lives together~

Sweet Pea

You are my best friend. You better not have forgotten to shmang one of these for me ! - Cutie

To Sir With Love

Dearest Sir: I wanted to publicly say how much I adore you, and appreciate your love and kindness. Thank you for three great years! Love, Squirt

My magic squirrel

Magic squirrel, this is our year. Just know that this unicorn's got your back. Gustav and Lola forever.

Queen LaBeefa

Your secret sauce is still the key to life. We all love and adore you endlessly. The beef is good chef! Love G-Zus.

Hey Schmen

Maybe it's your tendency for insane cult obsessions & mystic boards & fortune tellers or maybe it's just that you keep getting more awesome. I love u

My B2

The Greatest Loves of my life. Your ways, touch, smells excite me still. I have the best and that goes on forever. Thanks and Blessed Be Love Hug K2

I may not be the most popular one. I may not be the coolest one, or the hottest one. But I am sure, I am the one with the most love for you.

Silver Fox Steve

Thnx for being my butter half these last few months, loafing around with me on rainy weekends, helping me out of a jam when I need it. A toast to us!


You're far too young, and apparently into the whole God thing, but I can't get you out of my head. That smile, that fire behind those eyes, DAMNIT!

Mr. Nice Guy

Roses are red, violet's are blue, speed makes u crazy, but I still love u! P.S. please stop the speed, then I will share a steamy shower with ya!

My goober

Fuck the 14th of February. I love you every day. Thank you for making me a better woman and always putting a smile on my face. P.S. cute butt :)


I knew the minute you walked into the lake, that the man of my dreams finally had found me. I want to tell you all the things, all the time.


Can't thank you enough for being such a great friend & being there to call 911 when I broke myself. I wouldn't be who I am today w/o you. I LOVE YOU!!!

Otter Man

You turned my frown upside down giving love, caring and passion in our lives since our reunion after 43 years.

We love you Ma Ma!

Leo and Da Da hope you have a great Valentines Day!!

Honey Bunny

Thanks for being there for me and more importantly thanks for being there for our girl Mills

Lil Jimmy Wonderbub

Thanks for spending life with me! l..l, Let's be moonfrogs.

F*cked Up

I love you MORE! - F*cking Crazy

From Moose to Muffin

You grabbed my butt and the rest was history. Thank you for every moment of every day I get to spend with you. You are my warmth and my light.


You and me had some wild experiences together. There was that shmang in shmanwaii, and then all the shmanging on top of that. Love you forever. Berm.


Tu es gentil, tu es intelligent, tu es important. Aussi merveilleux et delicieux. Merci bien d'etre mon cher ami, mon prof pref precieux. xoxoxo!

Sugar Buns

Happy Valentines Day my love! We are coming up to 20 years of marriage on August 30th, 2017. Time has flown. Thank you for our handsome son. Smooches


Do you remember the moment you decided to walk over to me? You didn't know it then but in that split second you determined our fate. Love, Dodo

From Baby Snakes

Dear Richie Rich, you are rich with love, kindness, and creativity. Even a confirmed earth sign such as myself knows those are gifts gold can't buy.

To Bubblecakes

I say be careful crossing the street because I'll be damned if a dumb Seattle driver harms your cute face (or butt). Love you to the moon and back.


M. I am a salmon smoked by the fire of your love. And like a fish I flip my fins forever forward— Toward the bagel of your everything arms. <3

You are the best

I love you so much, Robert! I'll always be there to support you. Can't wait to see what lies ahead of us in our wonderful lives together. :) *muah*

Maria saved my life

When I was down & in pain When I couldn't eat & could barely walk, She was always there Holding me, touching me, loving me. She was always there.

Volim Te Mali Zeka

Can't wait to do all the things we said. To be in your arms, to feel your touch. Never doubt my love, you are ever in my dreams. My thoughts are home

My Sweet Fuckbunny

I adore you. I lust for you. I love you. Now put down the paper and let me get my mouth on that sexy body of yours. Grrrrr... Your hungry wolf.

My Mayan Mamacita

You are the key to my happiness. A & E, 13005, Colores & la Familia Latina...all because of you. Love, only and always, your Macacao.


My gorgeous loving woman. My heart knows no greater love peace or happiness. The attraction is intense. Inquietum est cor meum donec perveniat ad te

Future Mrs. Babor

You make every day feel like Valentine's Day! Thank you for loving me... I cannot wait to become Mrs. Babor in September!

I Love You

Whether I'm near or far from you Holding hands or deep in you Across the Pacific or Timbuktu Never forget that I love you


"Every adventure requires a first step." ~ the Cheshire Cat Thank you for taking the first step in our adventure, with me on 1/12/16: I love you! W.


Sweetest Moosk, I love you! And so does Bill Murray. Happy Valentines Day from your favorite husband and your zipper cat. <3

my f*cking favorite

Chief BBKF'er, you had me at KTV in Hangzhou and naked walks in Hvar. Here's to more adventures and making a home in Seattle. I love you hard, BBKF

Proprieter's Girl

Still love you, 11 years later. These girls we have made and I are here to keep your Hoping Machine Running.

Champagne Supernova

Paul (P.M.J), we met at inopportune times. But we had something. It's been nearly 10 years since then. And you'll always be in my heart. Always yours, S.B.

Kitten Nugget

I can't wait for that huckleberry pie! I luv u w/ all my <3! I can't wait 2 explore Thailand with you mi amor! Happy 7 vagdays w/ u!! <3 Scottie Dog


This is our year! Your humor, hope and resilience has been my life vest during this past insanely crazy year. Thank you for all you are. hvd. Love t


The sweet to my savory! My valentine! The mama of our two boys! I love you!

U roll my tide baby

Happy Valentines to the raddest doctor lady on the planet. Together with roaddog we will bring peace and health to the planet! I love you!

<3 to the activists

Keep showing up, speaking up and fucking shit up. America needs you whether or not everyone will admit it. - Seattle native in PA


Becca, you are my most favorite weirdo. Always be weird and it's a delight to be around that big heart of yours. <3's, —Aaron


Memo- Like George & Lorraine ur my destiny, yes it was fate, friends falling in love, oh how great. Happy Valentines Day ILY always & forever xoxoxo

Boy Named Troy!

Turns out I like you a lot more than I originally planned, and more than tacos. <3 Kara

Love My Big Red

Don't ever forget how fucking awesome you are. Team Jayla for life!! More talk, less pants please. Love you always! Big kiss, little hug.

love you, boofus

2016 was an atrocity, 2017 probably will be too. But if we make it to 2020, I hope you're still my boo.


Love you big!! Excited for our future with Matteo!! You're my pregnant superhero!! Love, Leo

Will you be mine??

Our last V-day together was years ago. Nursing the flu and eating Caribbean food. What I wouldn't give to spend a day on the couch with you again.

There once was...

an otter from Japan, Who squeaked whenever he ran. Our baby Momo Was the best piece of bread dough, And I'll love you forever, my man.


KDR, be the Dolly Parton to my Kenny Rogers, forever and for always. Across the continent, no one in between, Happy Valentines Day, boo.

Moving from NY

Ariel, we've spent most of our 5 years on opposite sides of the country. This is our last V-Day apart. I still don't like the Space Needle. Sorry.

Dr. D

Thank you for giving me the vitamin D I desperately need, on a weekly basis as prescribed. Your dexterous fingers are highly appreciated.

To my Irish cowboy

You captured my heart on a ranch in Colorado six years ago and I've never been happier. Here's to the start of our life together, mo gra.


Wishing we were together this Valentine's Day. Thank you for your love, support, understanding, compassion, passion, and all that is you. I love you.


-ara. Simply put, you are rad. Two Grahams can't be wrong. One also happens to think you are staggeringly beautiful. Lets draw something sometime.


You are still the best at what you do. Love you still!


Happy Valentines Hunny. I love you I love you I love you. Kisses.

My Cuddle Bear John

Thanx Mama and thank you for taking a chance on a trashy country girl at the bus stop. Love Your Cuddle Bunny

Best Years Ahead

22 years, 7 married, 1 as parents. What?!? Yeah, the past we had electrified, but we won't let it ride. The best years lie ahead, Queen Bee! XOOX.

Steady B!

Hope this is the year we can run away get married! Love you! XO

Sun or Clouds

Look above the clouds, to where the sun resides. Where we reside, beside each other, in the glow of the sun. Sun or clouds, it's always sun with you. Nacho

We love you, booger

Don't care what anyone says but 2016 was the best year because we got to meet you. We'll always love you, now and forever. K+L


Baby loves Kitty snuggles and boobie nibbles, but nothing makes baby happy quite like Daddy kisses. Cuddle soon! xoxo VEGA-TRON

Money Pit Love Nest

K. The foundation in the wreckage of our lives. A pleasure to drown in debt with. One day it will all be worth it. Until then, we soar in our love.

Sweet Baby LouLou

Hia boo! Jor here to remind you that I LOVE YOU! You are my sunshine and I'm so proud of you! I love our tiny family and I'm so thankful I have U. Xo

My Favorite Buddy

We're just two little buddies trying to survive in this scary world. Thanks for always turning the oven off when I forget to, and keeping us alive <3

Meant To Be

Laura, I love every moment that we have together and look forward to happily spending the rest of our lives with each other.

I Love You Boopie <3

Kevy Poo thanks for being my valentine 2 years in a row! You is my hubby, boo, bae and all that other ridiculous millennial slang. #UHadMeAtTacoBell

To My Mountain Man

Mankey, my love for you is as great as your love of chopping wood. You are my duke of earl. Love, the littlest yogurt

to my bird of love

I am grateful to have you in my life and so happy to call you my wife (YEAH POETRY!) but really I love you more than a little text blurb can express!

54 loves 103

103 - Please know how much I love you and that I'm confident our love can accomplish great things. Looking forward to the adventure ahead! Love, 54.

Nancy & Don

40 Years and here we are, still together, still in love. You're the only girl for me, my angel from above. So if you're agreeable let's go for 40 more.


Being with you is a whole ton of cliches from old love songs, and I'm ok with that. Let's keep holding hands at protests!


Happy 4th Valentine's Day together! This entitles you to a fun four-letter word activity. Anyways, you're still my favorite boyfriend!

Maizey Amazeballs

Hey Sweetie!!! Ever since the day you entered my life nothing has been the same. Thank you for being the boss of me!!

Honey Bunches!!!

This past year has been crazy wonderful and I look forward to every day we get to spend together. I love you so much.


B: bodacious. R: radical A: awesome D: deliciousness (cause you're a delectable guy)