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Roo <3s Caplin

Caplan, you are my Valentine now and forever. I am so lucky you walked into my life years ago. Hope 2017 is a better year for the Animals. I love you!


Gay porn star Justin Case would like you to know that I love you a whole lot, sweet boy. Be my Valentine?

Poopin in a bag

Remember all those years ago? When your latrine was too far away and you had to poop in a bag? I knew then I'd love you forever. Ten Years!


We did it baby. Seven years married and almost ten bangin'. There is nobody I would rather do it with. DINKS RULE!


I am so happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet your little tadpole.

You Slay Me Jude

Jeg er glad en deg. You're the best person I've un-casually casually dated. I'm so glad you invited me to your birthday party, let's to go Copenhagen?

To my Rabbit

Rabbit & Dragon, unlikely pair / One has scales, the other, hair / One breathes fire, the other eats carrots / But their happy love they surely merit

tiger tiger

you know me. v-day is like but i sure like you & i like our relationship. let's bone a hot thing together soon bc...romance?


Roses are red, violets are blue./I am excited to move to Seattle with you, Boo Boo. Here's to Seattle, Mt. Fuji and the Moon!! Love, Nathaniel PiC4L

Preggers in P-bo

I love you so goddamn much it makes me want to freak the F' out. You, HKH and who ever is living in your belly are my tytest posse

My Dearest Cera

Thank you for 19 years, to many many more, all my love, D

Susi and Ruffles

Are missing you very much. As is their owner. Please hurry home soon, with much love, the Pekingese and human

Cera Cobbler

We can do this. Stay hopeful. I don't want to lose you. Let's keep the dog.

Welcome to the fam

New name, new jobs, new kids, new times, same old love!


My time is fleeting, but you will always be my Sugarbean, and we'll always have Seattle. Here's looking at you, kid.

Original Beauty

Roses are red, violets are blue, so worrying about your genitals looking different is just a silly thing to do.


So it's been four years since I first published my love for you here. And every day since, it's grown more and more my dear. I love you so much!!!

The 3 Best Friends

Andrew and I want to say how much we love you - soooo much! Happy Valnetine's Day! :)

I love you Cera C

Home is too quiet when we are apart. Hurry back soon. Love you always.

Miss Lady LL

You done did it! You took the risk of relocating to this mythical forest city for the notion of love and look how happy you are now woman. Muah!!!

You're amazing L!

It feels so good to feel so stoked about someone; it's even better that I feel it back! I'm so into you. -N


The first time I saw your smile I knew we had to be together. I was so happy when you agreed. Please SLEEP MORE, WORK LESS, AND DON'T BE CRAZY. LOVE Mike


❤I love you my sweet Alaskan man! Here's to many more years of traveling, concerts, vinyl, & sharing interesting meals. Love, BORN IN THE WILD❤

pups vids n' pics!

derps and floofs go best with cheese n' jam and cheese n' jam and CHOC-O-LATE. topped with generous dollops of y.o.u.

Nikole, you are cool

Can't believe it's been 30 years since I saw you last! Hope you, Jeff, and that cat are having a fruitful life. Sending all my love from Cambodia!

My one & only monkey

I never want to stop making memories with you! Happy Valentines Day!

ily most of the time

N, Valentine's Day is shit. You are not. Thanks for being yourself in all your complexity and authenticity. Let's get high and eat snacks. <3 E


Together we can suffer through these next four years. Thank you for being someone who hates Trump as much as I do. I love you to the moon and back.

Jamie the Fisherman

If you bait the hook, I'll hold the pole. Love, the Woman in Waders

Can you remember 5?

Love of my life, you make me happy every single day. I love you and our little family and our inside jokes and our home and your cooking. SQUIRRELS!

Andrew: Fond of You

Day One: Will this really happen? Day Two Hundred Fifty-Four: We happened, and we're here to stay. Our future is endless; together, we improve. -TH


Love you all the much!!! Poogus Sushi FooFoo and Marley Ghost do too. Dab out punkymunkey!

Em Yeu Anh

Thank you for not only understanding the madness but embracing my insanity. Por cuidar y supporting me. For all the actions that support the words.


Soon you'll be a man in Blue, but you'll always be the Man in Black to my June. Hope the big quake doesn't stop us living on this Ring of Fire! ❤️M


Hopefully this is better than having your link in my twitter bio. I love you David (:


I love you Spruce Haüs

Galentine's Forever

Richel, We're so proud of you for taking the leap and moving to Seattle, but we'll miss you so much this Galentine's Day. Visit us soon in Nashville!

Saw a shooting star

Ethan - Did you make a wish? I'll do my best to keep it coming true. Love always, Shawn


The four right chords can make me cry. And when I am with you, I feel I could die, and that would be alright. xoxo


There hasn't been a single day since I met you that I haven't thought about you. I felt like I died right there in that bar when you walked right by.

Love my Dick

And the Canadian Dick he's attached to. My heart is yours, always. Love, your Cass.

Hey Papa!

Who knew you had a thing for old ladies?! Thank the old gods and the new. Yearning for the days of test talk? Me too! True Love Always❤Ma


Tricia, Tim, Dan, Kevin, Paul, ALL at The STRANGER ... Love from Canada - Terry Gibson, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA 'LOVE trumps FEAR' ... GO GO!

Meow mew

Dear Yasi, meow meow meow love meow meow meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow <3. - Zeytoun, Loobia & Steve

Well, here we are.

Hey Mo - I can't even believe it. A whole year without killing each other, stealing any new dogs, and way less dairy. Your face makes me melt. <3 ~B

Lil' Ryan

You make me milkshakes. I hate milk, it makes me fart. Yet, I buy milkshakes from you, they bring all the girls to yer yard. xo

It's Noodle Time

Can't wait to butter your penne, fork your agnolotti, and be your big spoon all night, Noodle.

To J-Bug

You are my love gun. You are my muffin head. You are my bubble toes and all. I love you more and more each day. Here's to the next one. -T-Bone


There's nothing better in life than getting schwifty with you or having fort time. I'm lucky you're mine. Love, DJM aka BDA aka Wife

Labia Lake Love <3

A, A, K, K, J, M + M. It's almost our 1yr anniversary! A silly group chat turned the best and closest 7-way BF4L I'll ever find. I love you ladies!

To My Scully,

I know I see you a lot less lately, but my ardor for you only grows stronger. Here's to another year of Taako, Carlosing, and buttles. CAKEBOSS!

To my love Alan

Here's to 15 years together filled with our two boys, a home, multiple different jobs, vacations, fights over the laundry and morning sex! Xoxox Erika

My Israeli Princess❤

May you always be the peanut butter to my jelly. Love, your favorite blonde ❤

My boy

Thanks for being the Hubasaur to my Wifeadactyl! Here's to many years of snuggles and pizza Wednesdays. <3

Bright Eyed Pooks

House: 20, Mike and Kirsten: 2. Keep up the good fight, we got this! Can't imagine taming this stubborn beast with anyone but you. <3

Baby Buffalo

19 years, 2 kids, 4 homes, 5 fish, 4 presidents, countless memories.... one island awaiting us? I love you!

my otter baby

Sad you're sailing the high seas this yr. Can't wait to spend the night in bed eating Brussels sprouts and farting instead of fucking. I love you.


David, I'm still choosing you. Love Always, Nicky

I love my bub

You're amazing and inspiring. I'll make you a million turkey sandwiches to eat in bed and it wouldn't be enough to show how much I love you. -buggy

Good pupper

So happy to be your Miss Muffin. So proud of you and us. I love you with all my heart. Peep peep peep peep peep!


Thanks for making 2016 a year that didn't entirely suck. I can't wait to fight the power! and go on our honeymoon! You're my dream boy for always.

I Love You, Ugly!

Here's to our new adventure in this amazing city! I can't wait to explore and make more memories with you and the pups in the years to come! #LBC2SEA

Hey Gril

A haiku, for you: Our friendship is just Cat pictures and anal porn; Clearly meant to be Happy V-day. Cheese is a sin.

To Sandy from Missy

In awe of my good fortune! You make me a better person, every day. From Chincoteague to Cascadia to the stars, I love you forever and always.

Who is youse?!?

I love you lots and I love our intimate moments. We have so much to look forward to and I love that we get to share it together! ILYXOXOA&FMWAH!!!-M


He are one yes. All kinds of types. Correck.

Forever +1

Dear Meliss, I love you so much! Can't wait to watch 50 Shades together/separately. <3 Sasha

Team Koala!

Valentina, I am so glad you are my love. Time to buy a kitty!

Dearest Noots

You're one of a kind! Thank you for being my family, eating all my bagels, telling the best jokes, and always doing your chores. I love you!

Dearest Pickle

Thanks for 5 years of nerds adventures, here's to 500 more.

Is this thing on?

What a crazy ride it's been but I couldn't have asked for anybody better. I like you and I love you, Luna too. Happy Valentine's Day!

My dearest unicorn

Our life is so great, we have a cute pup, you're a wonderful wife but srsly fuck Donald Trump! (Letshideinoursnugglecavefor4years)

Good night my love

Craig, what I say to you for every night for the last 14 1/2 years. Hope to say that for the next 40 years. John

Night Squirrel

Space is a crazy place, but I couldn't ask for a better traveling partner. Remember, love is the strongest magic. Love, Bernadette

Forever and Always

I can't believe it's been over 10 years. You're still my rock and my safe place. Opened my eyes to so much dark and light side. I love your face.

The Best Man I Know.

On this Valentines Day I just want to say I Love You and my Love for you grows daily. Love your wife.

Low hanging fruit

Cabana Boy: I want to play with your fat dangling low-hangers. Let me slap 'em around and try to swallow them down like yum-yums. Your Coffee Bitch.

I love you Stephers!

Oh Stephers! You are the center of my world and I love you very much. I can't wait to retire somewhere tropical with you and our monkeys. <3 baby!

Dallas Love Feels

2K miles away/but you're closer every day/and love keeps growing

Dearest Squirt.

Happy Valentimes Day, bae. Keepin' it short and sweet. Just like you! xo

My dearest Robert

Thank you for Hawaii. You are the best platonic life partner a woman could have. I love you and Carl to the moon and back!

Matty, I love you

After nine years you're still the best and most important thing that's ever happened to me. Let's eat pizza in bed to celebrate.

My Bobo

I want to kick you in the leg. I love you

My Kindest Person

Pru-ie, you are my rock. You are the sweetest, most loving, most love-note leavingest person. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I love you-Beet



Cuff Bunny

Thank you for your time, contribution and validation. You are my greatest mistake. Happy Valentines to you and your lovers.


You're a trainer at my gym and I think you're really cute. Kind eyes, a sexy smile, and bulging biceps to boot. ...I want to sit on your face.

My V

My V. IFLU(2). Always Forever. Let's have another Sichuan pepper make out session. I know our future will be both wonderful and strange. xo

I love you, monkey!

Happy Tuesday, Peter. <3

<3 Andy Chasing <3

Soon you be spoonin' with me. Can't wait to see your face next mine, as we hold hands nuzzlin' through time. Hold tight—don't let go. A world divine.

Come Over

As Sam Hunt would say; "we’re bad for each other, but we ain’t good for anyone else." I'm wishing you and Rainy a Happy Valentine's Day!

Mr. Sexy Viking!

Happy Valentine's Day to youuu! Many kisses to your cute beardy face and thank you for being my extra special naughty naked friend :). *SMOOCH!*


George lassos the moon

Small mAxe

Thank you for taking me in as a homeless person and eventually realizing that you want me to be your homeful person forever ❤


My life is better every single day because you are part of it. You are everything to me, and I can't wait to see our future together. Michael.

Tigger heart Piglet

Welcome home! The cats and I know that the family isn't complete when one of us is gone. Mumble, Mocha, Oscar and me wish u a Happy V-Day!

From Paris with Love

Mon Amour, no ocean, no border, no nothing is gonna keep us away from each other... Our Love is stronger than anything... I'm coming... Je t'Aime!!

RR is a hottie.

And I'm not opposed to shot gun weddings in the desert or being with you until the end of time. Thanks for being my girl.

Ever yours

Cate You've been in my heart for ten years now. You never left. You fly in and out of my life like some mythic bird. I'm still here for you, hoping.

Valentine Sweet❤️

Happy Anniversary Mom (Margarita) and Dad (Alberto). 31 years and here is to many more.