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My starstuff/precious pup/darlingko. Ikow ng mundo ko. Let us damn the man, sing our souls, and stay alive together. Mahal kita mucho, marry me mahal.

My Topaz

We're still here, in spite of all the naysayers. Thank you for being a partner and friend, let's keep it going another 17 (and a half). Your Tiger.

Year of the Kittykat

Who'd have thought nearly 5 years ago the stars would align and form a constellation of <3. To a year of discovery, Kittykat. -Tiger

Panda & Mongoose

Love you both more than ever and still so happy the three of us are together after all these years. <3

Lady H

I am so lucky I met you and all your multitudes. You are an amazing woman (you are, deal with it). Let's go for another drive.

Nearest and Dearest

Jason, Becca, Carrie and Greg- You're the tops and I am all the hashtag blessed to have you in my life! Here's to a 2017 full of karaoke and giggles!

Darling Hedgehog

From your fucklette—6-plus years & still love everything about you: intimacies big & small; our old traditions. Looking forward to creating new ones.

K <3<3<3 B

I've forgotten what it's like to live without you and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you, stubbletabl.


You're the love of my life and narwhals are totally real. <3


Gerb of my life, I love you more than all the other gerbs in the universe! I can't wait for all of our adventures to come. SMOOCH!

Dearest Shawnstein

You bought me a home and filled it with animals and love, and I will spend the rest of my life telling you that you're the best part out of all of it.

Hot-legged Babe

Dear O, Valentines isn't our favorite holiday, but you're my favorite gal. Thanks for moving to the PNW with me. I love you, forever. -L


This summer, I want a repeat of when you sucked on my cock, then climbed a tree naked and threw a tomahawk. Let's break our cum record baby! -Lobby


I'm super glad you chose me to make adventures with, but more importantly 50% off chocolate day is almost here! Love you -Jamie

Patron of the arts

Keith, you get me and you share my values. It sounds simple, but it's hard to find. Plus you make me come like crazy ;) I think I'll keep you...

You're Incredible!

April, thank you for standing with me through my successes and my failures. I wouldn't be the man I am today without you by my side. I love you. <3


10 years! I'm still the luckiest man around. Thank you for putting up with me. Shall we give it a go for a few decades more?? Ik hou von jou. -Mattchu


I will never forget you. All of the pain, tears & laughs we had together.

For My Bunny

Thank you for building this beautiful family and life with me over the past 20 years. I love you more than ever. Love, Your Bunny

Hand of my Face

You are truly the best person that has ever happened to me! I am so glad we found each other a mile deep in the earth. I love you.


Dearest Pumpkin, I love you so much and am excited for our trip. I'm sorry 2016 was such a bummer of a year, but some good times were still had. Love!

B loves K

Sorry each year seems to get harder than the last. I am happy our family has grown and hopefully we can find more peace in 2017

Honey Bunski

You put a smile on my lips, caffeine in my bloodstream, and a song in my heart. You're the sweetest strawberry in the basket. I love your face off.

S+K 4ever

Here's to more happy hours, silly pizza dates, snuggles from a snarfles, & top secret adventures. I love you Triceratops! xoxo

I'm never sure what will happen next, but it's so much better finding out while holding your hand. <3

E = mc^(OMG)/wtfhax

@amjad Happy Valentine's Day from your secret admirers in san jose <3




I miss prince, I miss bowie, I miss rickman, I miss wilder, and I miss George Michael. But i'll get over it. I'd never get over losing you. KISS

By Gizmo's Watch

Well Nubbins, we didn't know what to expect this time last year. Under the watchful eyes of Gizmo, we brave the unknown. Onwards... in love.

Pinegrove Lover

At 10:29 when he says "avocado," like how does he even do that?

To The One And Only

Richard, it's been 41 years; some good, some not so good. Through them all, you've been there in body, if not mind and spirit. All my love, LSC.

RR <3 PS

My green-blooded friend: you have my heart shaken (not stirred). I'd fight in the streets for you. Looking forward to many more years.

Built on HOPE

The force is strong with you, my love! Your optimism and determination to do good continue to amaze and inspire me. <3 <3 <3

Mr. ___ ___

You gave me by far, the best sex I've ever had. I still fantasize about it every now and then. I hope you're happy, wherever you are.

seasick yet docked

you have anchored my heart at the dock but have no intention of sailing. I will always look for you on the horizon but I must sail ahead on my own.

Sirius Love

You sailed in to my life in a springtime gust, and have been sweeping me off my feet ever since. I’m so honored to give you my heart forever.

Things Left Unsaid

That time I said I'll have a crush on you even when I'm an old lady, I lied. Truth is, Ace, I will remain always more than a bit in love with you.

I Love My Jonny

U r thee coolest normal I've ever met :) (I kno you're a secret freak) You kno I dig u & I'd move from Portland again so long as I can chill w YOU \m/


You're still (after 10 years) the best around! Love you!!-Lauren


You're my Favorite. You always will be my Favorite. And as my Favorite, you should know that I will always be your valentine. Love, P

Slugbug Love

Sending a Valentine shout-out to DiAnne G. from all those who love her. Hi DiAnne! Happy Valentines Day!

Jason and Thor

Without you, I'm sure Manhattan is boring and matte. We know Seattle shines brighter whenever you two are near! Happy Valentine's Day! <3 we 5 McFarlands

Ass of an Angel

I love you and your big, beautiful brain. Also your ass. Holy shit, that ass. Bless.

I'm Furever Yours

You have made my move from Texas perfect. Sorry about blowing out your eardrums in the car, I just get so excited! Love, Dempsey Doodle.


Happy Valentines Day babers!!!

hey, sexy kml wife

i love you so fucking much. more than our shit-tastic president loves getting pissed on. everything is going to be amazing, babe. xo, dvs

I wanna...

...hold your hand. Forever. Thanks for the first 26, here's to 27 more. :) I love you. PuPpY

No one

smells like you. Has those soft eyes like you. Listens like you. It's you Champy Damper, it's you! I hope we poop back and forth for a long time.


Miss you, buddy!

Snarfy Poo Poo Bear!

The best wife ever! I can't wait to add to our beautiful family with you. Dempsey would love another person to be part of his pack! Love, Wiggle-Butt

Love to Puppy

You are my heart - thanks for being my forever Valentine! Pook



My Beloved Krabse!

I am forever entwined in your heart and soul. I love you! Love always, your Silly Katse xoxoxo P.S. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAL!

Doki doki

Happychild: Even after 20 years, my heart still beats faster when I see you. Happy Valentine's Day 2017!

I like you very much

Hey Ben, Thanks for wanting to kiss me even after living with me for 5 months more than we planned. You're still the prettiest person I've ever seen.

Thank you, Valentine

You are funnier than NewsRadio, nerdier than Homestuck, and prettier than the Portland Rose Garden in full bloom. Thank you for being my girlfriend.

To Katherine

Thinking of you, always devoted to you. I'll try to do better with the meal schedule, though. - Amy <3


The lobsters love you. Thanks for all of the good help lately.

Ruben, mi amor

You are the king of my heart, la canela a mi nivel de azúcar & the yin to my yang. Happy Valentine's day, I love you with every inch of my being.

To my MAGICal love

In our time together, it seems like everything has changed except my love for you. Thank you for being a true partner through the good and bad. <3

¡Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!

Te amo Jazmin, mi reina. Signed, your not-at-all secret admirer, el chico del mal olor de pies.

Crow + Muppy

my sweet crow, so many raisins I love you. will you be my valentine?

Silly Baboon

Bend over, I'll show you some love.

I love you Roo!

You are my rock and everything. I couldn't be luckier. Caplan


Morgan, only two months in, stood by me when I spent two weeks in the hospital with PID. It was then I decided to LTMFA:Love The Motherfucker Already!

Matching Balaklavas

<3 I'll march with you until we win or our chances are spent. <3

Adventure Time <3

Happy Valentine's Day to Josh—my high school sweetheart, husband of nearly 10 years, and fellow Adventure Time fanatic. I love you, Party God! -Holly


Poopoos, Kinkos love you still! You Kinkos love forever! KISSES TO YOU


Dear Lindsey. I fucking love being gay-married to you. Let's bang when you read this. Love, A.


Every year our love grows stronger, our friendship deepens, and our home becomes more full—two dogs, fish, a garden, and a beautiful boy, to be exact.


Christopher you are my true north. Ever thine my darling. I love you always. Isabelle.

Cranberry & Kitten

I still think of you daily, but calling would start the cycle again. I miss your friendship, your touch, and miss you. You changed my life, thank you.


I love everything that has happened I love everything that has not happened

Helping the Kids

Ricky was L but he's home with the flu, Lizzie our O had some homework to do, Mitchell E probably got lost on the way, So I'm all of love that could make it today.

Here Kitty Kitty

J'adore mon petite chat noir. Je t'aime Je t'aime Je t'aime fuck you.

Mi amor, mi vida

A broken bed. Mimosas for dinner. Endless games of 13 and beer. Lots of puzzles and podcasts. We've had it pretty great so far! Love, your doe

To my BB Angel <3 <3

I may be far away but my love is always with you. I'm looking forward us reuniting. And I hope you enjoy the new mixtape and all the candy. <3 U, BB!

Most handsome babe

❤️❤️❤️ Miguel, you are the sweetest and the cutest. I can't wait to give you smooches and snuggles! My dream guy, will you be my valentine? ❤️❤️❤️

Another Session...

...and another Valentine's Day spent a part. Always know you're on my mind and I love and miss you. Happy Valentine's Day, Bug

I Am The Kosmos

Taylor... Life with you feels like driving on wide lanes, so luxurious. Here’s to feeling good all the time. Giddyup.

Dearest Butt-Stuff,

We met on the internet & you turned out not to be a serial killer, so that's cool. Can't wait to spend my days eating tacos & fighting robots w/ you.

Dom Derpz.

Little lady hands and my derpentine ♡


I love you, Pickles :)

Sweet DD Princess

You have a black belt in loving me. I will have you in my heart dojo any time to eat spaghetti and love on each other. Baby B can come too.

To My Tucker-Inner

Every night you make me a burrito and every night I starfish out. I couldn't ask for a better chef, despite your ruined work. I love you, Bellas Daddy

ATTN:Moist VonLipwig

You. Me. Date night. A handful of locks to pick + a fridge full of pies. Or shall we save the world (and your skin) again? Your call, my love. Glenda

Dear Claudia

You're a loom.

Distant Rose of Mine

Your name is Ross. Some call you Rose. Our love. Dimensionless ratios. Yes you may be far away. I do not care I'll find some way. To show you love every day.

Bear Bear Bear

You're a bear. I like it. I like you. And I like our nest. I would put you in my pocket if you weren't 8x taller than me. Love, your bunny

To My Ger Bear

I never thought I would find a love like ours, and I still pinch myself after one year with you. Thank you for blowing my mind. You are my favorite.


Happy Valentine's day my love. Here's to a lifetime together with lot's of dogs and tacos. I love you xoxoxo

Lil' Chicken

Gorgeous lil chicken! Another year past and we're still awesome :) I love u like u love sleep, massages, and having your nails done. love, big chicken

Dear Jeff,

I'd drink the fat for you. Love, Nikole

green been

maggie has healthy pores and i love her she is also a silly goose

Sold On Slick Willy

Tripped over yr salesman pitch & fell into Like w/ you. But! you didn't wish me happy birfdae/xmas/newyr, and I realized what I bought into: a Dildo.

You are the BEST BEB

Bep bep! You fill my days with wonder and my nights with blanket theft. I love you so very much. Thank you for being the best partner and friend ever.

Motorcycle Matt

On our first date you talked about wanting to move back to Seattle. It took 7 months, but we are finally here and I couldn't love you more.

Potato Buns

I love you and your fuzzy potato buns, now and forever.

Dear Noj

Our love is the center of the 8 armed wagon wheel. Be My Valentine, Love En

My Goose!

You are my sunshine. Thank you for all of the care and unconditional love you give me everyday! Love Moose