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My true loaf

My Pepita, What a year it's been. I love you so much. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear.

Thank U 4 Loving Me

Thank you for being there (even after I lost the engagement ring you gave me and beat you repeatedly at Scrabble). I love you more than anything.

Te Amo Purr-ever

Cheers to my favorite bad hombre. You are an amazing partner & even better cat dad. Here's to doing nothing together forever. Xoxo your nasty woman.

Goad + Kate

After almost a decade, I still want/love/miss you and us. I'm glad we still talk as friends, but know that I'll always crave you, tiger.

My favorite badger

Here's to another year in our coziness of kittens, kisses, and champagne, lush in our new den with a view at the edge of the park. We are so lucky :)

To My Bunny

Bunny, thank you for letting me spend the last 13 years of my life with my favorite person on Earth. You are my entire world. From, your Bear.


The shoes, they hurt... Let's get kittens!


My Stephanos, I want to touch noses and slow blink w you! Thank U for lovin on this crazy cat lady. You are purrfection and I want to pet you all over!

Hearts and Smooches

I just wanted to say that I love you! I hope I tell you enough but if not here it is some more! I love you I love you I love you I love you x infinity

Planet Pixel Express

Thank you for providing a gorgeous, comforting new refuge for my amazing wife and me as we face uncertain times ahead. I ♥ you almost as much as her.

Clam call!

Jefe: You're tall. Thanks for being a fabulous fellow traveler, sci-fi fan, paddle partner, nurse cop, and roommie. I love you!

Let's have twins!!!

My babe. Your humor, your smile, your sass, your chocita, your midnight farts. I love them all. Can't wait to have twins with you!


Whitney! Z the dog loves you. In fact, I think that he is a bit naughty in bed. So much licking. I think that you are OK also. :)

Boy howdy

Another year gone - Kat you're the best friend & pug sitter a guy could ask for. Robert & Carl PS: Moist billfold slacks

My Kung Fu Favorite

Thanks for another year of love, cuddles, kinks, games, and kung fu, from your "one really big woman". Excited for our eighth year together!

Dear Cactus Flower

You are the love of my life and I promise to always give you that Rude Boy Love! And to be your Master Chef with the Spicy Italian Pizza! Happy V-Day!


Snups! I love you as much as our furry children love the thought of going outside and never going outside (respectively). Let's go pet some wee coos!!

Heated Throw

I'm not jealous, really. -your space heater

To My Sunflower Slug

The sun flowered the day you were born. You make the stars fall around you when everything is frozen. I love it when you clean my blood. Headbutt.

For my wife

I love you! Thank you for making me the happiest transmasculine person in the world. These last eight months have been absolutely wonderful :)

Famous Band Lover

Sweetheart, In these dark days your love is my shining sun. Without you I would never know that Zayn was a dispensable band member. Love you.

Koala <3s Great Dane

You're the love of my life. No words can ever really express how much you mean to me. Can we please stay in the clouds forever?


I love you, I love our house, and I love this adventure we are on together. Thank you for how much you love me, I love each day with you! xo me

Love you Pumpkinbutt

I'm hoping that our 3 marriage ceremonies prove that I love you. Ready for the next adventure? Ready for Ireland?? Ready for the Pug Farm? Let's Go!!

Lil' Wonky's House!

I feel like I'm the luckiest guy alive! I can't wait to get our house all cozy-ed up with you—we're right where we belong! I love you always always


You are my best thing. From road trips to making my Italy drama come true, I'm feeling super lucky spending another year with you, bae. I love you.

All the warms.

Because you always make sure my feet are covered and tuck me in with an extra pillow... Will you be my Valentine? <3

Nom nom nom.

I love you more than rainbow chip cake and macaroni and cheese, more than red wine and Diet Coke. Smooches!

My fatty.

Even though you tell everyone I never let you have seconds, thank you for making all the leftovers disappear. Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO

definitely not 4 u

Love you Lily :3 !!

Wifed ya

First Valentine's Day as wives, Linds! Thank you for loving me through everything. I'll always be your biggest fan. I love you more everyday.

Mis Amigas

Muchas gracias por tu amor y apoyo - No estaría donde estoy sin ustedes

My soon 18 y.o wife,

Our 20th valentine's day together already! I love you more than I did when you streaked Regenstein. Here's to a wonderful next 5.5 years! E


We did it! Our first year as husband and husband. You are my best friend, I love you, and I'm sorry a car hit me and ruined the start of our year.

RICK: half brother

Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change. Keep fucking that chicken, Love.


In a sea of sharks I find u. Ur my everything. Ur the ying 2 my yang. The Joker 2 my Harlequin. The Mickey 2 my Mallory. U complete me. Our crazies fit.

Sweet Mowzers

Annie, I love you more each day we're together. Bar none, you're the coolest wife alive. Keep at it, lady.

Babaloo Booty

I love you! You're the best cat daddy, husband and photographer. I'm turning 30, put babies all up in me! <3


Next month, we'll have been together for 6 years! From baby doll, to scooperita, to scrambles, I love you so much Andrea.


My sweetie! Who would think that after 12 years I could keep loving you more with each day? I'm the luckiest Mowzers in all the land! I love you so!!

••Henry, be mine••

The cat humps us, the dog barks at nothing and eats everything, the world is cray. I thank the universe every single day that I have you to hold.


Before you, I didn't believe true love could exist. Now I see it manifested every day in our life together. I adore you.

E = mc^(OMG)/wtfhax

@kilink Roses are red, rainbow tables are too. Your valentine's day crypto scheme was überleet and so are you. <33

Poose Father

Braves, I'm so glad to learn and love with you in this life. Even with constant change, days feels easy and light with you by my side. Love, Suz

Double H Donny

Your love & example, empower me to be a better human being. My awe, respect and powerful adoration grow, the more deeply I know you. Love, Wil HH <3

I <3 you, Kittygirl!

The past 16 years with you have been the cat's pajamas. Hope you have a purrfect Valentine's Day. Love, Your Monkeyboy

Hi Boobies!

Thanks for sharing your breasteses with me for all these years. I'll never not be enraptured by your cleavage. Love, your Bubba.

Dear Arctic Tundra

In 2013 you were there for me and lifted my spirits by taking me to see David Byrne W O your generosity I wouldn’t have been able to go. TY Snakeman

Enchanted Valentine

Donna I miss you so much! Waking up with you in my arms felt amazing and should have been repeated. I will never forget you. Tim The Enchanter

To Myself

Happy Valentines Day to Me. I will "love myself" with my hand today.

Warm Heart Cold Feb.

Nick, remember our 3rd date? You biked in spandex shorts in February and you froze your ass off. I will always keep you warm. Love, Your Smukke

To my sweet pea

I love you with all my heart and cannot believe how lucky I am to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Vday Pancake

Our first Vday as husbands!! No matter how far away you are, you'll always be in my heart. Come home safe my brave little soldier.

Come closer! Closer!

Our affair? Why, anywhere! Maybe in your little lair where you like to pull my hair. Yes, trap beats should have more snare. Yours, from Tiny **aire

Ski bears

Dear JCK bear I love you more than berries! Pierina

Schoolhouse nachos

Let's get the biggest order they sell and not share them with anyone.

Buffalo plaid

I love you more than hipsters love plaid.

Boots Loves Bearclaw

Tinderfoot and I are so happy that you came into our lives. I love our adventures and can't wait for more! <3 You're the best


You know who the best Jonesy in the world is, Jonesy? You are.

My Boozle

Valentine's Day is a capitalist sham but my love for you is all real. Meet me at our spot tonight & bring your skinsuit. (It's bed. Our spot is bed.)

Official for a year!

Happy anniversary-ish, Nora. Thank you for coming all the way to Seattle. I love you! -Matt P.S. And now you've made The Stranger twice!

E = mc^(OMG)/wtfhax

@chajath Happy Valentine's Day from your secret admirers in san jose <3

E = mc^(OMG)/wtfhax

@kuyumcuarda Happy Valentine's Day from your secret admirers in san jose <3

E = mc^(OMG)/wtfhax

@satchit Happy Valentine's Day from your secret admirers in san jose <3

My Darling Wumpkin

I am the luckiest guy in the World to have you! I thought I would be a lonely Wumpkin for all my days until I found your Snuggly Sweet Wumpkin-self.

Sept 12th❣❣❣

We met in the east, we canoodled in the west. My D in your V felt the best. Hoping grilled pineapple peanut butter sandwich will help us smile smile smile

☀️WEENt Phish-ing..&

There's so many songs that express us that I can't say it all here so... This says it best❣❣

Andre AKA Voldemort

I'm glad I still have you in my life. I look forward to boning you in San Diego or Seattle soon. Xo, N.

you light my ruin

& your love is like sunshine to me. k + j , ruling planets forever and ever 100yrs

Still Chasin U Baby J

Darling dear 5'3" queer. I didn't mean to punch your eye 10 years ago. Our names are together in the stars. Thank you for everything every day.


TY for making the last year bearable. I didn't know it was possible to have so much fun with someone, even in darkest times. Enduringly yours, Ray <3

You're my favorite

PMR - I love you! Happy first married Valentine's Day together. Can't wait for couch cuddles and candy :)

Family is family

To my perfectly imperfect DT supporting, Fox News viewing, Clinton hating, Bernie Sanders loving, family. I love you.

IAN- 25 years!

To my Dashing Rogue, I hope we can play for 25 more! You make me laugh and I love you. Kackles

Baby ducks

So eternally grateful that you are my daughters! You enrich my life in countless ways. I love you to the moon and back forever and always!

Sunny, ☀

I'm so blessed that you're my person & that you let me be yours. You're incredible, inspirational, & amazing. Grateful for you, us, & our life.

I think I know you

T- Solitude was a hard-won ally; then we met. Fireworks, guitars, wine & rain. We shared our souls, invisible no more. Yeah, I think I know you. -L

I love My Lurker

DJCreepMaster, I can not express how lucky I am to get to lurk through life with you!! I will forever surf by your side. Love Your ZombieDolphinDancer

To my french fry

I wish we could gather in huddle, to jump in a large puddle, then grab a bite, because such a long night, is made better with cuddle.

Dearest Lioness

Ever since fritos and cream cheese I admired your free spirited ease Your fear of boats can keep my jib furled If I can still take you to towel world

My Whole Heart

Jesse, you have my whole heart. I love you so, and I can't say enough how grateful I am for your corny jokes, spice skills, and loving partnership.

More Calico Love

Dear Kris, We love keeping you grounded in bed and making sure you don't forget our needs. All Our Valentines Love 2U, Abbey and Mandy

Ania, my tulip

I love you more than puppies! I love you more than fireworks! I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world!


You make each day better than the last. Sending you a howl to say I love you with all of my heart. Love, Babewolf

My Darling Buck

You are the love of my life and I am still falling more in love with you every day. P.S. I can't wait to kiss you!

OkCupid 4 The Win!

JT, Your smile lights up my heart. From Columbus to Seattle, you led my way and I'm so lucky I met you. I adore you, my sweet! Love, Claire


Your face, your eyes, your mind, your laugh, your lips, your insight, your body, your friendship, your love. I want it all, now and forever. ~Ricardo

Baby cat, from top

You're my cat song duet partner, my #1 buddy in the buddy system for life. Please take time off work so we can got to Oakland.

The Sweetest DouDou

Since the moment I gazed into Eugene Mirman's big, wet eyes I knew I'd be yours 4ev. Thx for keeping me humble — I'll knead your bread basket always.

2My Spice World Hero

Keoki loves life & without u there wouldnt be so many rays of light in my spice world. JakeRat heals more than our Lorde hunger games yayaya~so thk u


Haven't said it in a year of dating but now's the time. MS, I love you! I love your chest hair, beautiful face and your cock! Plus you're so smart!


You are my best friend and love of my life. Happy Valentines day! Miki

My Love

silently forward, love blue water to inhale grey winter, sky breathes, wind is rushing slowly, only if you can, somebody calm, always you. sunshine

Hey..I kinda like ya

♥︎♥︎ Here’s to 16 more years of acting like horny teens, making out in QFC and banging at public events and outside convention centers. ♥︎♥︎

HW <3s JB

There once was a man from Kent, Who had some money unspent, He met a girl named Hillary, Bought her a distillery, And in his pants pitched her a tent.

Ma Fée de Bière

I love you so much Colleen!! More than tacos, tequila and beer at a Zebrahead show. That being said... next date night? ;D

Pussy Champagne

Happy 10 years baby!!! Your crazy matches my crazy. Now let's go on a vibrator car ride, surf naked and saber champagne bottles from our hotel window!

You ROCK My World!

You are the sexiest geologist I've ever met, and I am so lucky to have met you. You're a total gem, and I really dig your smile. Love, Brian

In the Morning

I get to wake up to your ridiculously handsome face, DJ Apollo, over and over again. How did I get to stay so lucky? Here's to your dreams in 2017! Lo

Your Redemption

Kat, you have lifted me further than I ever thought possible. It took 40 years to find you. I can't wait to explore the future with my love! - Justin