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Hang out? Masks? Backyard? Happy V-day! Nosaj

From your baby-lady

To my handsome hubby; you’re the red sauce on my pasta, my protector, my driver, my chef-you are my whole world. I couldn’t do life without you.

My pretty ladyfriend

Roses are red/violets are blue/nobody does pandemic/better than you. XOXO Yr Devoted Wife


Happy Vee Vee! 4 months til summer- get your fire pit ready. Stay frothy, my friend!

Your Whore Galore!

Happy Valentine's Day Big Pappi.... I love you.... J

Mal loves Af

Looking for a strong guy to Kizomba with. Could that be you? And also be my Valentine! Xoxoxo, your lil boo

Honey Bunny!

I cherish each and every day that I am yours and you are mine. Happy St. Valentine's Day! I am the luckiest...

Happy V Day, Mom

Good luck dodging COVID. All your neighbors down in Florida definitely have it after that Super Bowl. Godspeed. xoxoxo


All I'm thinking about as I write this valentine are your bass playin' fingers. ;) I love you and your hands very much. Love, UR Bun 4eva

Hot like lava

Even in this fucking pandemic, I love you more every day!


Love you to the bottom of the ocean and back, Your soo handsome MEOW! Can we take big red for a truck fuck soon? Love, Mrs. KKS

Just the breast

That's you. Just the breast, not sure how I got so lucky. ruvrongtime

Ur my lil beanleton

Honk honk rattle rattle crash beep beep: I love you, you're my fave person on this planet. Thanks for being my babis.

You Got The Range

Doc Rock, you make my earth move and I’ve never felt like I musta done something so right. Now get naked and put on that lab coat, cuz I love you.

Zeitgeist I Love You

Dear Zeitgeist, When I think of what I miss most about Seattle, it’s you. Your americanos, your panini and dearest Bryan (the most). Love, Rosemary

Highland Valley Love

My darling, I feel so privileged to spend eternity diggin’ in filth with you. I love you more every day! Your Highland Valley Lover


Happy Valentines Day! All those years ago I took a knee on those Pike Place cobblestones, and you said YES! What a life we’ve built on this love!


Love you more and more everyday babe! Your my beautiful sexy lover forever and ever! We can arrange a truck fuck soon I hope. MR. SMS

I love my bunny

Thank you for being my best friend, my honey bunny, and the mother of my two idiot sons. I love you so much

The Windy Sea

Happy to be travelling across the Windy Sea with you (& Pietro, too) Happy Vday <3

A to Z + Evryth Btwn

Do u remember when we made love in an actual hurricane? Do u ever still think about our forever and what could have been? I'll always wonder.


Aaaw, I sure do miss your wonderfully playful Panto! I’m looking forward to seeing your show Live, eating popcorn with a brewski, with friends!


Six years, a series of (occasionally mis/mud/sand)adventures, and now Fun Plans For Kinky Furniture! True love is when you spec out a bed together. <3

Hello, old friend.

It’s been more than a decade since our lips last touched, but I still think of you every. single. day.

ATTN: Morci

Gracias por todo mi morci, te amo mucho. Mwah mwah mwah.

Love Bug

You are my linen lover. Let's go to the train yard!

Romance is not dead

To Sarah: Roses are red, your vagina is tight; here's to eight years of you bleeding me white.

seattle totally STILL LOVES YOU jodie !!!!!!! ... who wuln't !!!???!!


Hey sugar, it's been 10+ years and it's still the best! You're the one I want to spend quarantine & always with. My cool boobs love your cute butts.



14 years Rebecca

I know I can be a jerk and you have your moments, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you Silver Twat.


Lumptious. Round curvatial of belly. It’s the E We. -B II

pondo, is that you?

i love you more everyday, mi morcitón. thank you for everything, you light up my life.


10 years this year and we still can’t seem to do the thing, Zhu Li! But I’m hopeful we’ll do it soon! Let’s lightsaber fight at the wedding!

Dick Trickle

You try my patience; before you I had none. My farts continue to hum a tune just for you. When 40 hits, you can lay down for at least 50% of my BJs.🧸

A Lot A Lot

The mostest- I’m thankful for you more and more each day. I’d feel lost without you and your laughter. Much love now and in the future.


I am so excited that we got one very good thing from 2020, our sweet little boy Desi! I love you, Desi, Jones, and Bones, and I’m happy to be a Papi!

Babaloo & Lil Papi

We have a babe during a pandemic! Thanks for being an amazing papi and kookaburra. I love your squishy faces, his cheeky thighs and your flat butt.

To my boo boo be doo

Stephen, let's get married! I do today, and tomorrow, and every day. I choose you, Pikachu! Engagement, engage! Here's to many more lightsaber duels!

Hit the bottle

G, you’ve got the reach. I’ve got the flexibility. <3


You say I’m nice with dirty girl lips, I love how your arm rests on my hip, When, like puzzle pieces, we spoon, To wish on stars & gaze at the moon.

My Cloud Scientist:

You may study gloomy skies and clouds a’gray, but you bring joy to my every sad, pandemic day! Thanks for being my sunshine/keeping my Bonsai alive xx

Face Face 4 my face

I support you always and only want the best 4 us. Let’s go wait in line fo cake and take naps on each other. Looking forward to more forever with you.

koala beau!

so glad to have sweet melissa as my valentine. looking forward to puzzling and snuggling. you're the best, -k

Two Frogs

Hey lovebug! I’m excited to be spending this cheesy ass “holiday” with you. I’m also stoked for our origami date. Couldn’t ask for more! P.S. ur cute


We met on 12/31/20, and everyday since made you my honey. A pandemic and the pass can’t keep us apart, but far enough I don’t have to smell you fart.

KT Pickles

I love you more than life - Bickle

To My Kitty! <3

The Pandemic wouldn't have been nearly as nice without you. Thanks for eating all my cakes and pies and bread and treats! Love, Your Kitty <3

I Luv Leens

Love, this last year has been hard, but I' am so grateful to be with you through all of it. I'm helpless, and have ZERO cool around you. Ido Ido I DOO

my huckleberry

For 13 years I’ve been lucky - you’re the sweetest person I know. While many things are bad, getting to spend every day home with you is the best. <3

To the Best Teammate

K: You're the love of my life and an amazing wife. I love you every day and am proud of you always! I love love love you! S.


We've been good together for 23 years, as close as ever despite being 4229 miles and many months away. I love you so little 🦆. 244

Good Carma

Must have done something good in a previous life because now I've got the best Carma. Love you SO much. Happy almost 7th anniversary!

Pop pop

Youve been the best part of my day for over 5 years youre a dream & I love u more everyday I couldnt be luckier to be your lady PS that ass wont quit

To My Pandemic Bunny

I said at the start there's nobody I'd rather be in lockdown with! And I still feel exactly the same way! Thank you for being my pandemic bunny!!!


A dot K

Stranger ad 1998

My Bug, thank goodness I answered your ad. Now we're married 20 years and I feel grateful for you everyday. How are we so lucky? Not luck, skill. LYL


ur probably never going to see this bc u don't check ur email.. but ily and i love ruling the crunchy leaves with you. <3 -slimy slug

You fill up my cup

Thank you for loving me and all of my mugs. One day we’ll be able to throw a huge tea party. I love you! -P


I hope the Stranger never stops these valentines, or i will have to say this somewheres else! I love you doe... this will never change. <3

You know who you are

...and that's important, in bed and out. Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet baboo!

Dear Captain Obvious

On the bright side of things, we got another year near each other. Let's keep walking and talking. Peace and Love, El Presidente

Cat Dad

Agh, what a road to here- not what we planned. But our two daughters are the best things in my life. Thank you for being the Daddy they love so much.

You're my rock

I don't know how I'd get through all these years without you, especially that last shitty one ... ChimChim, Rooby, Poujoreé ... I love you so much.

Hey, Gnik Drazil

So many years, so many miles. You make worlds. Mine. _Hello. I love you. Won't you tell me your name?_ _Hello, I love you. Let me jump in your game._

To My Mookie

I love you with all my heart mookie! We are two oddball weirdos who deserve each other. Side by side, we got this. To Maine we go! Love ❤️ Norman

Love from a new Cap

The goose is loose! Love you big Mankey dad and LY mama, thanks for being my parents. Love, Lucy Sue (aka little potato)

My Forever Love

11+ Years of love, 2 cross country moves, 5 crazy fur babies, only 1 person I want to spend my life with. Love you to the midwest & back again JJ! <3


Thank you for being the best part of my life. Baby Dude could not have had a better Dad. We love you the mostest toastest boastest.

My darling hedgehog

It is not words could pay you what I owe.

Brux, mi vida

Your love for me feels like thunder - portable thunder I carry everywhere. My heart trembles when you sing; my love for you is boundless. <3 T

Dear Paco

You are my little flexible potato. I would eat your home fries all day. You ruffle my tail feathers. Let's live together forever like pigeons.

My Love, My BB

From every fart in the night, to every re-watch of the same TV shows...I love everything about you and me. You are my love. Thank you for being you.


You are the cutest (and best) person ever and I am so lucky to share Valentines Day with you. Except who cares, but also let's make it fun why not!!!

Locked Down In Love

Thanks for being with me through this and one or two other shitty years. You made them so much less shitty, and you made the shiny ones shinier.

Face Waterfall

Love you so much Bickle. Cougar sound. Heart emojis!!

To my Darling, V.D.

It's been something like four years, and we've never celebrated this day, but every day I celebrate you. My worst habit is doing so quietly. I love u.

Mooncake + Seabear

I love you so much!

Love from cumslut

Thank you for making me laugh and treating me to the most magnificent cock in all Seattle. With love from your cumslut for always and ever

Oh Mistress!

No matter how questionable this liberal, Seattleite platform may be to express my lust and love for you, I'm excited to be your sub on Vday ;)

Covid Island Utopia

I always loved mi carino because she's from the island of Cuba. Now she's on the island of Whidbey. This time she's with me. I love her on this one!

Sugar Butt 💕

You are the most special, beautiful and amazing person I could ever ask to share a life with. You keep me strong, and I’ll fight for you till I drop.

We Are Your Twelves!

Thinking of you and missing you every day you are not here. We are your biggest fans and send you all of our positive energy and love love love!

To my Smushy Tush

Deadly pandemic be damned, tho not what we had planned, we'll celebrate without grumbling, bc ur my dumpling, I can't wait to be Valentine's rammed.

Julia Hamker

Forest girl. Get down off that mountain and come home. Ha ha. Love always.

For my kung fu dom

You do so much for me, you sexy monster. I love gaming with you and parenting with you and adventures with you. I love YOU. Be my 11th-time Valentine?


K dot A


At Home With JaMal is my favorite show. Don’t get jealous of the dog like Fraijer. Maybe next season, let’s glide into another world.


To M---, from her "new boyfriend in the old one's body." This will work out fine but, sorry, you're still not my boyfriend. Or my niece. (Usually...)

My Boyfriend, Shane

I knew from that one time I licked your dick you were special. There aren’t enough floops in the world to explain my love. Thx for all the crunchies.

my freakin ma’am

Love you bitch. Ain’t never gunna stop loving you.... bitch. I’m endlessly in awe of your sparkle. You’re so delicious, my god. <3 ur freakin ma’am

Biggest Monkey

Thanks for reminding me that we’re just electric steaks flying through space on a water rock so we might as well be silly and authentic. Ur it 4 me <3

Be my cidah boy

Thank you so much for the heart felt talks and support. You're perfect and I wish you didn't have a gf. Work is much more fun with you <3

To my Boo

The bestest thing about covid is time together while you attend classes remotely and I work on retiring! What’s a few years age difference? Pickachu?

You changed your min

And I was the first in line ... since 2006. I am so glad you'll keep taking a chance on me, DJ Apollo. For a purple lifetime, Lo

Lolo, my Fiancée

if you ever need to ask me a question-if you ever need help getting up-if the question you need to ask is for help getting up-the answer is ever YES.

Hit Like a Girl

That's what you told me way back at Cappy's. Then I really let you have it. Lampshade boy, u are my fav sparring partner. Thanks for the baby ;) ~Fes

31 and Counting

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. I'm still counting. Happy Valentine's Day <3 Mike

To my swee'pea

I couldn't have gotten through 2020 without your humor, love, & strength. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I love you always and forever. - Billy

ATTN Beagle:

You make my tail wag in more ways than one. I love romping with you through the woods...and in the bedroom ;) Woof woof! Love Pug