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Titillating Taxidea

l propose we swill champagne in the cemetery and pay tribute to whichever forces aligned to coax your weirdness into my orbit. Mad for you always. -P

Dear Cuntmuffin,

"Oh, but I like you so much!" Moistly yours, TF

Titillating Taxidea

I propose we swill champagne in the cemetery and pay tribute to whichever forces aligned to coax you into my orbit. Mad for you. Always. -P

My baeface <3

Schmoops, every year with you gets better and better. I love you more than all the Zella leggings (and that's a lot). Happy Valentine's Day!


Made you look... Now we know once and for all which one of us it really is. :P Muah!

My Valentine Lovey

My sweet sexy husband, our adventures are almost as amazing as our love. I can't wait to see what's next! <3 <3 Team Medina Rulz! <3 <3

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You know I’m yours and I know you are mine, you are my perfect Victoria's Secret Angel Valentine! Let it rain, let it pour I'll always open your door!

Yoda One For Me

In a galaxy , 10 years ago I met an amazing guy, I love you Justin and am so glad we get to be nerds in this galaxy together.

Toni-Love of my Life

Dear Toni - Thirty years ago (1986), you walked into my world. You are my melody, my symphony, my angel of the morning. Be my love forever ! Mark

Seymoure loves Lexi

You're the strongest, most amazing woman I know. This is our year, baby! (But be my love forever). Happy ValentiMe's Day!


You make me the happiest butt butt in the world! I love your cute toes and your big bootie! Boo boo, you are my everything! Kisses foreverrrrrrr!

I Love you Rakel

18 years together, you're my Best Friend, Lover, Companion. We razd 4 childrn, U Supported me during transition. Im blessed to share my life with you.

I will always find u

Seymoure, my Prince Charming. Thank u 4 being here thru the good & bad. And for encouraging me in all my endeavors. I lung you so much.

Uber love Lyfts

my heart.Happy Valentine's Day Gassyxboxplayer420!! l love you even more than a Gilmore Girl reprise.

Haiku for Jessica

Through all space and time Your electromagic force Ever will move me Our first decade was wondrous; the future, even better! Love you, Sugar!

STRANGER Staff 2016

... A Valentine to all -Kevin, Paul, Kathleen, who produce an exceptional read every Wednesday ... Terry Gibson, Regina, SK CANADA


Chef~ Even though we're new I've known you forever. I am so excited for a lifetime of disaster dogs and wonderful food and love. Free in July?


Throttle Rockets, you have my heart. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and amazing positive attitudes. I love you weirdos! Coach Lexi


it's time to take this to the next level. i've had three little words on my mind and finally have the courage to tell you: let's do anal.

Sexy Green Girl

You have been mine and I am yours. Our love is deep and kind. You are simply Devine. Be my valentine?

Irish Girl

Let's go back to South Bend but with those same tickets.

Toot Toot

Babe, I'm excited to go on hundreds of more adventures with the best co-pilot out there. (that's you!)

My Nebraska Sweetie

Kota, you said I could shout my love from the rooftops so I figured "Why not put it in a metro paper?" Close enough, right? I love you! <3 - Willow

Johannes I love youu

BEB BEB BEB you are my bep, my best, my dearest dear. i love you & i am so lucky to have you in my life. thanks for putting up with all the farts. :D

Kaia is my sunshine.

I just want to thank Kaia for being my sunshine in this awful Seattle weather. I'd be cold and lost without you.

Be Mine on the Mat

for I'm smitten flat with your nose & your strum & your saw. With the sight of your ass as you pedal past. Traer su madera para la alfombra! HappyVD

Hottie Walk With Me

Taylor, You are the Deputy Andy to my Lucy; the Agent Cooper to my Diane; the Log to my Lady; the damn fine coffee to my cherry pie. ^^

The D for Me

D, Now that your Korean adventure is over, lets start a new one together. Taj Mahal, Cuba, or Paris? I ♡ u, you misanthrope. -Z


VW- your adorable race medal stunt hooked me. and your cute face. let's set some PRs. xoxo -CC


Grateful for all your just-in-case kisses, even when you protest that you're still reading with your eyes closed.


Love/hate your understanding that my hunger level can change on a dime, and I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry, all the times.

My buffer.

To the best little safe zone family holidays ever did see, Team Schmoops is grateful.

25 years

I've spent more of my life with you then without you. You helped me find my true hidden self; you saw me when I couldn't. I love you, Deine B


Looking forward to a new year of fun, gaming and sexual adventures with you. Thanks for being attractive #PermanentSingle

Barnacle Baby

Dear Barnacle Baby, You are the tooth to my sweet, the blue cheese olive to my kettle one, the house to my herbs be my Barnacle for life, luv ur moon



Love & Death

My love, J. I love you even more for the walkie talkies you got for our anniversary just in case of the zombie apocalypse. Happy V Day. your love, H


So done with everything pointing me back to u. Let's give it a shot before I go insane. Oh look our initals on another f@#kin tree as typing... Fml

From R. W.

I hope you're happier now. I look back on us with great embarrassment, and fondness. I hope you don't regret the careless passion we shared.

Yo Croffy

Hey are totally my VIP!❤️d

I'm not a chicken

If you get this in the mail. Dear A-lexus: Je vais vous montrer comment taper, si vous serez mon Valentine. -mb

Hey, Tripod!

Others may call you 'Tripod', but I just think of you as 'Hey You'. Thanks for letting me perv on your girlfriend. And being cool n shit. <3


I'm sorry we aren't spending this day together but even 3007.5 miles apart you're still (very much) my favorite human! Love, AMB

Sushi and Patience

It's been over a year and your perseverance finally wore through my wall. I love you, Mishi and I'm looking forward to March 1st and beyond. RK

Coffee Bitch

The vitiiligo has turned your balls into a creamsicle. Your VDay treat is me licking your low hangydownies and trying to swallow them down. Yum yum.

Started From MySpace

Mic, you inspire me to thrive. I assuredly adore you. One day at a time (ps thanks for dealing with my stank farts, that's love). Kiss!

We met months ago, Seth. You drank and played pin ball, and I was consumed with lust for your 6'3" skinny, bearded, and plaided PNW dreams and body.

The Small Stuff

You are my person. I miss your smell and your smile and your cuddles. I love you in ways I didn't know were possible. I'm enamored with our mundanity.


and across the years be mine sweet valentine

Daddy, Golden Apple

You swept me off my feet & into your chariot of fire and blood & love & filthy romance. Every moment of every day, I am thankful to serve & love you.

my saving grace

Michaela, I never thought I would have a chance but u came into my life and I found my forever.I needed to be saved. U saved me. I love u.

I love you Mg!!!

From the first time you cooked for me my heart began to fall in love with you and it hasn't stopped since. Also thanks for doing my laundry. Coco coco

For My Love, A-DUBS

For everything you do For all the ways you are For each day spent with you For you, my favorite by far For my love, A-DUBS

Queen Pep

Happy Valentines day, dork! You are the Queen of Pep to my King Brood! I'm glad you're here, even if for just a while!

Love or something

Michael, I appreciate you so much! Why?! Because you put up with my farts, burps, tears, hanger, and most of all my sock dance! I love you! XO


My Love, thank you for us.


I love you bigsexy...from Robbie


I love you from the tops of your heads to the tips of your toes, for ever and ever, no matter what. Being your mom makes me happy. xoxoxoxoxo Becca <3

Robert still loves Becky.

Peapod Lover

Daniela! Happy Valentines Day, love! Can we go somewhere sunny now? Muah! ;)

Silver Apple...

...of the moon. You have opened my eyes to what a submissive is capable of. Thank you, forever. I love you.

16 Years, 1 Married

It took us 15 years, but we finally tied the knot. Happy 1st Year Anniversary. Let's do newlywed things...

I heart knit buttons

Hey wunder kitten, you are the best. Thanks for 8 years of beautiful marriage. I'm so glad you knit heart shaped buttons into my life

Winter Queen <3

Melt the glaciers that surround this icy bitch's heart. What I'm really trying to say is turn dis ho into a housewife. I fucking love you forever.


I like you tons. I'm so lucky. xoxo purrito

For Heejoong

Happy Valentines and happy 2nd anniversary, love! Thank you for being in this city with me.I appreciate you for everything you've done for me! Love u



Loving you everyday

Grandpa and I love you very much and you do so much for both of us nothing we could ever say would ever show how much you mean to us both. LOVE YOU!

We are Infinite

Megan, you are my wife, love of my life, and mother of my child. Our love is beautiful, powerful, nurturing and healing. My one and only true love.

Mi Chingon

You put up with all of the dumb nicknames and always let me put my legs wherever I want. What luck to love you and your stupidly handsome head. Tqm.


Thanks for the past 16 years! It has been one hell of a ride and I'm glad you were the one who stayed by my side. Love forever 💕 INGRID

You're My Favorite

PR, I love you, even when you make me grate the cheese. Rawr. Yours always (but you already knew that), AW

Thor the Drummer

In your past life you were a drummer, a Jewel collector, a wearer of purple pants. Now you are a kind and powerful man in a fancy suit. LOVE IT. - S


2,479 Miles. That's the hand we were dealt when we decided to keep on keeping on. But hey, look at us! We're still keeping on! To the moon and back.

Start a Business?

Is it crazy? Of course. Can we do it? Of course. Love you!

A mile a day

I'd run at least 4 miles a day just to be with you. Make that 20.

Shoreline Deep Love

I'm so hungry for deep love it's not even funny. I know you're the same. Good thing we both yummy to each other. I love you Nicholas. From yr cupcake

You set my <3 aglow

There is elegance in your lankiness, and I wish I could capture it in all of its loveliness. I love you, moonshine.


Dear Ingo. I love the fud you put in my bowl and the laps. I will be your chicken bag for all times. Please do something about the other one. -Martino


I love you. Thanks for making this place run smoothly and for being so delightful in general.


Nothing says love like almost 15 yrs of friendship. No matter the distance, you will always & forever be my highschool sweethearts. Love you, <3 C.LO

my red goateed Fox

I've never loved before I met you. I love our life with all its adventures. Looking forward to the rest of our lives. - Knuckles

You are Teddylicious

Dear John, Thank you for always being in my corner. I love you and not sure what I would do without you! Enjoy Valentines Day! Love-S&Teddyville ;)


Love ya Trev! Thanks for marrying me in that Vegas drive-thru.

Dear Arctic Tundra

TY for the many times you took me out to shows and meals when things were lean for me. Your reciprocation really helped to lift my spirits. ~Snakeman

We Laugh Together

Benbo you told me you loved me the first time right after I head butted you. Your gentleness is your strength, and I trust you with my heart. <3 Tara


You have the best drummer face. Thank you for making the last year the most lighthearted of my life. You are the turbine and I am the brake. Love, M.

E$ E-Money Sweet-E

My 'ERB from the B'more burb! Seksi ka! I'm glad we exist. Salamat for the coffee! Mabuti booty! Mahal Kita! - Katt

diego for nifer

We've saved our livers so lets live not quiver! What is love but the ceiling of the moment, Nifer?

Hi Poodle!

I'm so grateful to have you as a wife and the mother of our beautiful children. You make my days sunnier and my coffee taste better. Love always Pete

I'm in Peru, but....

...I'm dreaming of you! 15 schools & plenty of stress, but not too long and you'll be wearing a dress! This year we'll remember, of that I'm sure.

Meerwans in Bearwans

I think there's something cool about this life adventure with you, Honeyman! Love, Captain Band Aid

My Honeybee, My Hero

I see you struttin around Marketime, mixing that guac, popping that produce and checking me out. I've got a fresh batch of keeses for you. Want some?

Plastic Love

Rumps, Happy vday! May our special night (and the every night) be filled with plastic. Couldn't possibly love you more than I already do! Monkey

Sweet Huneez

What an epic adventure we are on! Your son turns 3 this month. We switched careers AND cities. One thing is the same, I'm as crazy about you as ever!


Doves with colors of the rainbow fly ever so gracefully listening to Ozzy I love you like no other You are my other half and complete me like no other

MARYGRETA I love you

To my favorite dragon, snail and racecars in the world. Can't wait for Spring so we can all thaw out together.

Victor, my Moo Cow

You are the love of my life, my heart, my everything! I love you beyond all of the loves, I love you beyond all of the beyonds...My beloved, my heart!