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Sexy hubby/Best dad

We have a child! The most perfect creature 2 humans have ever made. Loving our new life, loving you even more than I did! Let's move then make more!

J-MINUS! 💕💕💕

I still love you as much as I did that night on the Hill. You are my favorite forever Xoxo 😘 From your boy

5 years in...

and I couldn't imagine life without you! If we don't die on your skydiving bday I hope we're both reading this next to a fire with the cats, my love.

Miranda My Rose

Raindrops, Drop top No one I'd rather smoke cookie w in a hotbox. My girl is bad and boujee. I love you to the moon and back xoxo

My Darling!

I can only express my feelings for you with: *chop, chop, chop* ....Erin. <3

To My Kitty!

Here's to another wonderful year with my love! 2016 might have been rough but you are my love and light in dark times. I Love You! -From Your Kitty

KT <3's KTD

Hey baby daddy, thanks for putting your spunk in my whatsit. Can't wait to have your spawn. You're #1 Chinese BBQ sometimes. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo

Fuzzybear, derp.

Number IV, you make my cynical heart giggle and withering optimism fight. You support me in all the good ways, and I keep falling in love with you.


*points at the thing* WHIIIIT *shocked face* WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT, Whit I love you, Whit! WHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!


Cheers to another year of adventures as MITTS & TITS. I love you, our butthouse, and Scoop. <3 Always, RESE

Darling Badger

Each day I love you more. Here's to kittens, ponies, England, our home, and growing old together. You are by far my favorite badger in the world!

Beau <3 <3 <3

It's been 4 years and you're still about my size and 100% my style. Can't wait to actually get around to marrying you this summer. Love, Stev

Bye Bye Beacon Hill

I moved away to GA but I miss you so. Could someone send me a Seattle care pkg with a Dick's Special, Seattle Chocolate, and a Seahawks shirt? I <3 U.

For Eman

You're my favorite book-appreciating, cricket-playing, football-analyzing, SSMU council-covering, footnote-checking, appetite-satisfying person ever.

BOP <3

Judy, I love you more and more each day, and can't imagine life without you. I am so excited for our special day in July when we become one noodle!!!!!

Because you're mine!

As sure as night is dark & day is light I keep you on my mind both day & night, and the happiness I've known proves that it's right, because yer mine! V+N

Sweet Bobby

Another year, another valentine...and I love you more than ever. Love, Bob


You are my favorite person. The best friend, partner and father to our munchkin. I'm more in love with you every damn day. A-SMOO

My Adventure Kitty!

2016 was full of wedded bliss and amazing adventures!! Looking forward to snuggles, coffee, games and returning to Europe for the noms! <3 Your Kitty

My Mumble crush

Sometimes we play videogames, mostly I just log in to hear you talk, your liquid radio voice in my headphones makes me wet from Colorado to Washington

For Tristen

Roses are red and zombies are green, when the dead rise, you'll be on my team. I love you honey.


I know I'm not always honest, and that I have a lot to work on. But no lie, I love you so much. My heart is yours for always... -S

Bitches Love Worlds

Twenty sixteen sure didn't bore us -- we got married and saw a monkey forest! To my favorite girl: I love you, let's show you more worlds. XO Monkey

Coffee & Greenlake?

Not all tinder goes up in flames. Especially when we are much the same. You & a Luna. Me & a Dusty Rose. A couple of felines & some shitty prose. XOXO


By the time you read this, hopefully baby girl will be here. Looking forward to many more years of family snuggles together. Yrs, Urs

Toni-Love of my Life

Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest valentine I could want. You are my sweetheart, and I am glad you’re mine. Love to you in Seattle or Tucson. Mark

Frank & Suzy forever

If growing old together means getting stoned, having amazing sex, and watching nerdy films & TV shows in bed, then old age looks pretty good. I <3 you

The tradition

just like us, endures. Happy Valentines day. ILY, pomelita mia.


I wuuuuuuub you! Looking forward to years of edibles-and-TV Fridays. Kisses, Turd Bucket (can I have a non-poop nickname by 2018, plz? <3)

My adored trombonist

You are the most wonderful part of my life. I love everything about you, and you always make my heart beat faster with a kiss, a look, no matter what.


I love your drive, your humor, your beautiful writing... and your deadlift butt ;) I will love you forever and always! Billy

To my mujercita

Querida Amelia, your señor still adores you. Let me restore to you the deep affection & harsh correction that you deserve. Muchos besos Don Beto

You broke my heart

I wish you would tell me what went wrong. I'm always going to have feelings for you, but thinking about it hurts too much. Can I get my hoodie back??

Bad boy Gabe

You're cute as fuck... Please be mine?? Let's watch trashy anime and eat pancakes ❤️ xoxo


I love you to the moon and back! Happy Valentine's Day ❤️❤️❤️

Momma ❤️

Thanks for putting up with all my bullshit ❤️❤️❤️ I love you right up to the moon and back


Love you. Nice butt. Trumfykins

Celestial Bodies

Dear Duckie, You are the sun and the moon. I love you more today than yesterday and more yesterday than the day before. Love, Bunni

idk ily

current girlfriend: you're the shiva to my ifrit, the panda to my avey, the magic to all my midnights. glad you exist lil v.



[squirrel emoji]

Chris: it's been a nutso year, but you've made it a bit less horrible. Love you so, so much (even though your dumb-phone can't ready my heart emojis)

To Ryan

Today you spent over an hour reading about why spatulas have slots in them, and I have never loved you more. You are brilliant, silly, and so so sexy.

HELLO!?! Boooskiiin!

GoldyGold you fill me up with joy and beams and splooshins. Let's make shapes on Drake and forget about time. Then bear me around the room a bit more.


I'm so glad you're my valentine for the 8th(!!!) time. There's no one else I'd rather be loving. You're my über knödel. ❤ Pear

Impress me everyday

B, One of your best qualities is that you support those who need it most. I don't say thank you everyday but I should.

Hot for Gingertot

Our sweet little life together is so good! Full of laughs, tenderness, kind friends, lots of dairy products, soft pillows & a view! Love you x 10k RAM

Pam!!! My favorite

Pam - I adore you. I'm so grateful for your friendship and I admire you so much. Plus you are bright, loving & kind. Lots & lots of love to you!! XO

Christine on CapHill

CEC, I adore you. You're fantastic in a quadrillion different ways. Seattle is so lucky to have you here. Please stay forever. XO

Hey sexy weather man

Husband & twin babies daddy, you are my Valentine every day of the year. Love you. 5ever.


Allison tepa tepa tepa hah hah hah

BB Billy and his Bug

My love, think of India, living together, getting weird in FLA, dancing in socks to Gino Washington. I want it all. And I'll give it all, my heart.


I adore you and will forever want to touch your butt. Happy 16 years together. <3

Beso for my Queso

Your heart, more golden than the cheesy goo we both cherish, is all of the nourishment I need. I'll always give you the last chip (unless I want it).

My Kit-Kat bar

Kit-Kat, I am the luckiest man in the world to have met you. You're sweet and patient and kind (and your butt's pretty rockin' too). I love you. -Dan


Girl, your ability to put together an IKEA kitchen makes me want to get all up in there. Thank you for another year!

Love pig

Mean baby's got some truffles for you. <3

You're my lobster

Can you believe it's our 19th Valentine's? Even through all the craziness, I'd still choo-choo-choose you, every time. I love you, bubbie, F.A.T.S. XO

#1 Mega Babe

Happy Valentine's Day, my love! Thank you for 12 years of love and friendship. I'll always have a sheepskin waiting for you, love you boo <3

To my Space Ox

I'm so lucky that Harold introduced me to you in the park that day. I Iove you to pieces. Here's to all the adventures to come. XOX Yours, Katzchen <3

Keenan -

I love you forever & always. Thank you for being so skawesome :) I can't wait to get clinched! Happy Vday, babe. You mean the world to me.

To My Bubba

Every day, I'm reminded of what a studly, gorgeous, and awesome husband I have. Here's to more bar crawls and home ownership shenanigans! Love you!


thank you for making me laugh. I'm in love. If you find this I'll buy you an americano. xo LU

Ty Everything Twice

It wasn't just the islands floating and sparking in the dark. Still: for you, I become a compass, ever spinning to your North.

Sweet, sweet Baby T

Taylor, thanks for being my sweet little angel. I love you lots you handsome specimen you.


But I for sure decided on you! Let's run away to the woods & build things, imperfectly. I love you through & through. Your SteampunkMonster (+kitties!)


Together forever.

Bing Bong Zing Zong

I can't wait to grow old with you in our treehouse by the Sound. Lucky doesn't even begin to cover it. I love you even more than Minnie does. xoxoxoxo

Sardonic Slav

The world is pretty stupid sometimes, but you're alright (and then some!). Let's keep doing what we're doing. -- Your Librarian of Alexandria

To all my friends

I love all of you so much. Thank you for being in my life. ❤

To my Van man

You're goofy, loving, and the best person I know. This past year has had its ups and downs, but every moment with you has been wonderful. I love you!!

To:S with love <3 <3

It's been the best of times! I love all our spicy, snowy, tasty, beachy adventures and I am excited to see where this year takes us! CHANNA MASALA <3

Seni Seviyorum

Gunayyyyyydinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gunayyyyyydinnnnnnnnnnnnn! Bebek, thanks for being in my life. Adventures await <3

My AL Always

To my AL! Seeing you become an amazing new dad has made me love you even more! Thank you for choosing me and for our amazing new son! Love your Angle

October 28, 2017

Last Valentine's Day before we're married. Nothing will change once papers are signed, but it's fun to think about. I can't wait to be married to you.

From Fairy to Giant

I find a way to fall in love with you every day.

We <3 Papa

Lyric and I are so proud that you chose us to give your love to. Thank You!

My Hot Ass Ginger

I'm sorry that I don't clean the cat box as much as you want me to! I owe you a blow job for everything you do for me. I love you baby!!


Best family forever! 2017 will be even better than 2016, with new adventures and experiences for us. You are my loves and my heart.

Lauren + Regis <3

I love u Lauren! U & your goofball dog are so weird & wonderful! Thanks for all the laughs & for letting me spray your boobs with a squirt gun : )

I call him 'Muffin'

I like him because he never tells me no. When I told him that was what I like best about him he replied, "Why would I ever tell you no?" Marry me now.

<3 ~My Dear Soup~ <3

Happy V Day, M! Thanks for a great & super gay year together. Your intelligence, kindness, and creativity inspire me. I love you so much. A kiss! <3, P

Olive juice!

Rich, you are the best person I've ever met and I'm so glad you are mine! Love, Your valentine, Kim

Hugsnjams At Last!

Glouvar, you are my everything; the one I want to forever wake up with in the morning and lay next to at night. Your wonders never cease. xoxo

Cool Butt!

I can't wait to put all the cool things (and people) in your butt this year. I love you! - T

My Two Boos

KT, you are the love of my life. Can't wait for lil boo to come out and we start this family. I still fink u freaky and I like you alot!

Oh Shawnycakes

This year we met a squishy bug who wiggles her head and makes everything the best. We made the worst year the best year. Loathe you forever.

For the captain

Remember those long nights under my sheets? I still do. I guess I should forget about how amazing you are in the sack, but alas, you linger.


Max, It's been a whole goddamn year, and I'm so drunk but I love you so much. I love your dandruff and you're so beautiful, wow.

Who, me?

#1 love of my life, thanks for getting married to me. Together we will crush fascism and climb mountains!

To Silver

You are the moon, the sky, and the compass in my world. You are worth all of the Silver. Love you with all my heart. -piggy

Matt + Camille

Thank you for being my best friend and the one person in Seattle who puts up with my antics! I love you more and more. Less crumbs in bed in 2017!

Du café, un journal

Ma femme, you are resilient, strong willed, loyal, courageous, and tough. You make me better. You are my wild and wonderful love. Je t'aime toujours.

Every fucking day.

You are my best thing and I'm so amazed and delighted to have you. Thanks for being my Aaron.

Sexiest Madrona GB

You are so HOT making those glass votives. Your safely guarded blue eyes reflecting the flames...let's heat things up this VDay. Be mine ? <3 C

Ruth C in Carmel

It has always been you. David

Cowgirl Fan

This man is the sexiest human I've ever seen. That ass is undeniable and he sleeps with a teddy bear. I hope to wake up to him every morning.iloveyou

To my tofu lover

Thanks for locking up the chickies and feeding Whood and letting me have 2/3 of the bed. The animals and I love you so much! Love, Baeba

La Boo Boo

Happy Valentines Day. Tell me again, George, what are we going to do? Love you, curly pelitos. El Boo Boo

To Bella's Daddy

Who could care for us, ensure our warms, safety, our tuck-ins and our dinner better than you? You are our BFF and we love you so! Xo Bella and JAJP