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My main Shmang

Roses r red, violets r blu..I told u last year & tell u this year too, if u do speed I will most definitely hurt u!stay clean,LuV U,I’m so proud of u!

Enchanted Valentine

Donna it has been a year since we were together and I still think about you often. Take care of yourself. I miss you. Tim the Enchanter


To the best aunt ever, I love you and hope you have a great Feb. 14th .. our month is coming up, Aries Rule!

Your Drugs Rule!!

Thanks for the car, and the drugs, hope you are diggin your wu tang socks! From: That skanky whore your girl friend hates..

Sardonic Slav

You’re still fantastic. I’m looking forward to our life of Denny Park squirrels, box wine, and Vic Damone records together. <3 —Sweet Becko

❤️ke ala ke ala❤️

❤️aloha au iāʻoe, mai hānaiʻoe i ka nene - iaʻu❤️

Листогибы - оборудование для гибки металла


Another year, and more lub! Please be my valentime for all time?


My heart Let’s give Rocky pats and watch true crime tv till we’re old and grey Also weed greek feast and foolin’ around- Hot Pepper/Purple Eggplant


Can't get enough of our long walks, nightly snuggles, your meatball-and-chicken surprise. Let's get all licky-face! Love, Lucy Kismet Freckie Pickle!


Iris, every day with you is the most beautiful day. Thank you for all of your love and support. I love you forever. Briar


♥ Anata wa watashi ni totte, totemo daiji na sonzai desu. ♥


♥ Addy, you are the best metamour ever, and I care about you so much. Thank you for being my chosen family. ♥


Good Merlinpeen to you, sir! Let's fremulon and make fun of people! You're my ride or die, tbh. I hope we see a movie we like this year.


He is not just anyone. He is Captain Grey Pants. He has special plant eating powers and hero helmet toes too! I <3 YOU, CAPT GREY PANTS!

I skipped a year

N.K.,I've felt a mutual crush for years.Our common friends tell me you're single.Is this the year we finally get to try us on?1stDate:kazoos&keyboard?

My trombonist

I love you more with every day that passes. You are always my hero, my black-winged angel of music. I’m so lucky to be the one you want. Love always.

Lauren <3

You are smart. You are kind. You are important. You made me a better man, and I thank you for that. I love you with all of my heart <3 - Regis

My Partner in Time

Was it just yesterday we began our journey, yearning for a lifetime of Tomorrows? Everything passes so quickly...when We Stop...Time...Together. ~ry

007 + Cherry Pie

Even though you've tried to kill me repeatedly, I long for your snores in my hair and long walks thru the Rice Paddy and Goodwill. I love all of you.

Life Partner

Yup. You read that right travel buddy. Life partner. Big year for us.

Dear Ted

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need. And I need you, always. Let’s get naked! Luv, Paco

Kissed By Sunshine 🍍

I find myself longing for ur hand to be in mine as I take this journey called life!Thank u for the magical moments you’ve added to my life!💘CrazyLeo

Makin my BobKat roar

This year is extra special because you are official my valentine forever. I love you in spite of your many toots, always. Love, the Kat to your Bob

To My Bubba

You’re the best partner in crime I could have ever asked for. Here’s to many more years of cocktails, snuggles, and adventure! Love, Wife & menagerie

i think ur kute

u never miss a chance to make me laugh. i wanna get stoned and fool around with u for the rest of my daze. love u tons AMB! - ur tugboat capt

Dear Capt. Obvious

Gosh! It’s lasting isn’t it? You’re Emmylou to my Cypress. The best hot sauce in my life. Like butter loves bread. I want you. El Presidente says Hi!

smashie’d my heart

eric could you remember a time where there was love colors pulsate memories vibrate thru it all I found you love u thru all space & time katt

Pawn Shop Princess

Everyone else is just jealous that they don’t live next door to a pawn shop and have four trucks in their backyard. We’ll move soon....

crunchy luttuce

So blessed to be on this adventure we call life together. You and I are strong as bull. Cheers to our life that we both beautifully enrich.


Jayson, I fall in love with all over every time I see you smile, hear your laugh and suck your cock. You deal with my crazy cancer ass & I am 4vr urs


We love all you babes who come out and support a safe femme dance space. Fuck men, come dance with us forever. XOXO

You give me fever...

You are the Lux Interior to my Poison Ivy. I love you more and more each day. Let's get naked and eat pizza in bed and later bust out the handcuffs.

Gypsy Mothra

Joshua, Seff, you guys are the two best friends a girl can have. Thank you for being on my trivia team and attending movie night. Love you guys -tina


Thank you for everything that you do. You are the love of my life. Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart <3

meow meow will will

Your acetabulum made it to the altar, creeky hips did not falter. A side piece until ski season is through, I still have NBA Khal google eyes for you.

For My Pete

A perfect moment, when the stars aligned, when you put your hand in mine; every day of my life has led me to this perfect moment with you. W.


VERONICA I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU please learn money isn't important time is priceless spend it with me. PLEASE WORK LESS, EAT WELL AND LOVE MORE MIKE

You are Lovely

Hey Girl, I love your smile lines. And there isn't a script, you know. Here's to years of making vegetarian pizza together! <3 Your Person

You make me Hap-Pea!

Time does not exists when we are together. It has been 5 years and it feels like yesterday you walked into my life. You became my best friend. Bub 143

Little t

Sweetness here with love for my one and only t xoxo


You've got a face with a view. All I'm sayin' pretty baby la la love you don't mean maybe. Let love in. Love you til the end.

Noodle Cuddler,

Trouble. Pirate. Shadow. Always double time to my single time -- but let's dance& cook& work things out. I'm glad you moved in. I'm glad you're here.

Panda & Turtle

Ten years together, holy fuck. Love you both so much.

My Shmang

You're my best friend and although plenty of shenanigans are in our past no shmangs shmang like we shmang. Love you lots. Shmang : )


DJ Apollo -- Coast to coast, I purple you the most. FoK, Lo


your tasty pussy, big bazooms & gr8 BJs! 4 VD, will u admit u r a cum luvin slut & beg me 2 spank your ass til its burnin 4 my cock? I'LL LUV U 4EVER!

H.R. Poopnstuf

Another 365 days of memories with my favorite person! Thank you for building this life with me. I can't wait for summer, Chicago, and what's next!

Psyduck Loves Misty

Psyduck-Misty. Misty-Psyduck. What couldn't be better? The other little monsters love you too I'm sure. Quack!

My Darling Peter

What can I say? I am falling harder for you all the time, and I’m over the moon to be on this beautiful adventure with you. I love you. So very much.

Luv U Cactus Flower!

Life is crazy and that's why we sip champagne when we thirstay! I Enthusiastically hope you will be my Valentine! Love Oldtimer XOXO Oldtimer


dancing in the sun shower, under a rainbow. Sitting on a park bench, waiting for the rest of my life, in LOVE with you. Mein Herzmensch.


In the streets, between the sheets, in the grocery aisles, between continents, outdoors... Every day with you is an adventure. <3 <3 <3 Ben

I simply can't wait

to make you moan again like this past Friday. When you say "I'm your sub", I'm truly humbled & it makes me way too horny for a Monday morning at work.

Boise bae <3

Jonesy, last year was a whirlwind but I wouldn't (couldn't!) have done it with anyone else. Even though we're Boise baes now...

My Jonesy

…I couldn't just leave all of our Seattle traditions behind. I love you so much it's silly, and there's nothing I want to do more than marry you. XOXO


BAKE THAT BREAD! You are an awesome and fun person who I enjoy spending time with. - BLANKET


I love you far beyond any words could express. Thank you for loving us like you do. . You are fucking amazing and I'm all very lucky woman. Linda

To Loulou <3 jor: you’re the sweetest thing in my life, & I’m so happy we’re together “Honey I'm a prize & you're a catch, And we're a perfect match”

Every fucking day

You are the love of my motherfucking life and I am lucky every day. Here's to another year of our awesome life. I love you so much! A+A

Art Babies

We met surrounded by art. A night turned to day and you coming to Seattle. Every day we are apart, I long for when we return to each other xoxo E


You have been so sweet, supportive and loving. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve an amazing man like you. I love you.

so long and thanks

for all the fish sauce. I miss your wit, moans, smiles, cooking, and perfect haircut. May you have what's good for you. (I still hope it's me.) -L

Jump Up BILY

How did I go almost 40 yrs w/o hearing your laugh or loving your facey face? Your love and laughter are the sweekest gifts to me. TGYFM YATMB&ILYLW

Things Left Unsaid 2

I've cried hard over you. Though it hurts, thing is, Ace, not being friends would much more. Still true: For a really long time, I will be loving you.


You are always taking on new things and keeping us young! Your strength keeps me going (also again, that deadlift butt ;). Love you forever. Billy

My darling hedgehog

The universe was feeling very generous toward me when we met. Despite the separations, the illnesses and the obstacles I love you more than I can say.


We've got a baker's dozen of love years under us. Lets stack em high!


After 15 yrs of Stranger valentines, this will be the last. This isn't the end, just a redefining of us. Nothing but the best for the future. <3 <3

Val like Val Kilmer

You introduced yourself as Valentine 15 yrs ago but now like Val. I’ll always love you no matter what you want to be called. Happy Val’s Day! -Lauren

Jesse F <3 <3 <3 <3

You're my A plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus boo!

Husband BFO

12/10 would marry again. I tried to rent you some narwhals from Bob's Quality Narwhal Services but they were just belugas in party hats. <3 <3 <3 <3


my lolo: my love for you is THIS BIG (stretches arms from seattle to brooklyn). this adventure with you just whets my appetite for all the rest. MWAH!

Mr. Sexy Pants!

This old house Could fall down And the town could bottom out But I don't care If I had you dear-we'll do our lovin' somewhere else. I love you!!

Mr. E

Just wanted to let you know you’re going to get FUCKED hard tonight!!! HaPpY Valentines Day BABY!! <3 -Mrs. C

Love My B2's

Appreciate and sending Hearts On! Our times together have been the warmest chili, chocolate, coated times. You make my Heart soar with your Love! K2


Our baby is almost 5 months old and she, our puppies, and our sex life are all still healthy! Let’s fire the Cheeto in Chief and move to the CD.

Crazy Cat Lady

You offered to pay for my wedding to Ryan Reynolds including a chocolate fountain so how could you not be my Valentine? Love ya Kat - Robert & Carl


i love you and that is all <3


thank u 4 sharing ur luv, fire, sweetness, hope, beauty & strength with me! ur smile still melts my heart always <3 u feel like home, i luv u! P+C <3


Happy Valentine's Day to the bestest, most amazing Mommie Dearest ever! So much gratitude for the wonderfulness u are! Olive juice xoxo <3, C.Darling


nobody else i'd rather b stuck in a hurricane with...twice! u rock my world with ur hottie leo-ness and sexy best intentions! happy valentines day! xo




Marry me, Cabana Boy, and I'll be your Coffee Bitch forever. I'll bring the sugar, you bring the cream. We can take turns being the stir stick.


We got that love, the crazy kind! I am his and he is mine In the end, it's him and I, him and I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I fucking love you!!!!!!

Shrimp Shackin' Up

Moving into our gingerbread dream apartment has been an adventure I don't regret a single second of. I would do anything for my girl. -Your Poco

To Witchypoopoo

Just over 1 year in our new house! I love our life and every day with you confirms my hypothesis that we're perfect together! - HR Poopinstuff

E We are Yes

Not sure where would be without he care and concern. Like!

Holl4-my sun & stars

You want to peer down here survey my narcissism. I must crucify the ego before it's far too late. I pray the light lifts me out

Angelina, from Aaron

Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite anything. I love you so much, and I am so lucky to be yours. Every fucking day.

Traveling sheep

We’ll be across the globe with kiddos and busy with familial visits this Valentine’s Day, but home is always wherever you are. I love you! Your Jade

Crabby Bang

Get your taco fill this year and always. Love you. And, fine, I'll look after your skis after you're gone.


20 years and counting You are all I long for All I worship and adore In other words please be true In other words in other words I love you Cera

Dearest Cera Cobbler

Hey Snot. Thanks. Love you. -D

To my darling Cera C

Wow, can you believe 19 years of these? Me either. Bauhaus and Faneuil Hall seems like last year sometimes. Love you always, D


Be nice to that human. Maybe she'll give you a treat. Or at least a nice place for a nap. Love, D, R, and Susi

Dr. Mega Hugie

I love our giggle fits. I'll bet we had a thousand happy entries in our jar. You make my world go round. Love you forever and always.

HH international

May we watch this until we are old and gray. Happy Valentines Day, my sweet baby. With you by my side we can do anything that's in our hearts. LuvU4ev

Adam Snugglington

Babby, I want to spend all the nights piled up together in a hammock under the trees n stars with our sleeping bags zipped together. Ily silly goat

Dog Faced Boy

don't deplete my Oxygen for a guy that's turning blue, but ask me, I'll do anything for you. (I love you little guy)