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Mazel tov, dummy

I love you like Night Cheese!

I know we just met

but you're my favorite part about living in this city. :) Thanks for being my pandemic "slutty buddy."


Looking to get hot? You can light a fire in my sheets anytime.

Our first kiss was

on March 1, 2020. We're still smooching >:-)

TO: Gr*g Sm*th

Let's... fuk? FROM: *** ******

33 years ago...

Our first V Day, I had to find a ride to from our U District slum to Harborview because you had a 103 fever. Would do it again in a heartbeat, love.

Paddy the sexy boi❤️

I love you so much. There’s no one I’d rather be trapped at home forever with. Bring on the next global catastrophe, we can do anything! Love, Leah


Love you always, Trumfykins

Pushy Groundhog!

I'd endlessly scroll through streaming options with you any night! Grumpypants

Wookie Love

Lovey, 10 years together and now we're hitched! You are the brightest light in my life and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life watching you glow

picho eres tú?

holi blob, te amo muchísimo, aunque a veces te huela de pichos. gracias por todo que me des y nos vemos muy pronto, blob u

While you are at sea

Although neither of us celebrate,we could give amor through this letter for everyone to witness.Celebrating what we have on paper means permanence.

Miss u Tissu

Recuerdo perfectamente el sentimiento de querer tomar tu mano el dia que nos conocimos. Siempre fuiste más valiente que yo. Te amo!


I dream of your lips Soft and welcoming me in Just where I belong

Scoopy Loopy

I can’t believe our little guy will be two soon! I love you, and I love our family, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! You will always be my babydoll.


Hope you find a Valentines date down in Florida. Avoid the MAGA chuds.


Happy Valentine's Day! I loves ya. xx

Photo Papi

Thanks for being the best stay at home papi, for pursuing your art, and for always giving us hugs. You’re our Bandit. I love you.

To The Wolf

I lay in waiting in my pink burrow, which is now next to yours. If you see my white tail, pounce me. I love you with all my heart, Wolfman ❤️

Mona - I love you!

…To be wounded by your own understanding of love. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving…. Love, KK.


Happy Valentines Day Gel <3

More Calico Love

Mom, We love grounding you on the futon while you binge Acorn, etc. Murder Mysteries. All Our Valentine Love 2U, Abbey and Mandy

To The Wolf

I lay in waiting in my pink burrow, which is now next to yours. If you see my white tail, pounce me. I love you with all my heart, Wolfman ❤️

Love ya stinkus

So glad I took you up on that coffee date at Pettirossa. Let's see what happens next!

It's 8:50 somewhere

To the fartiest cat daddy with a big bowl of cream cheese -- we love you! Happy meowentines from your 2 best ladies.

The Chef to my Noods

There’s no one I’d rather eat my spaghetti with. Share some hand shaveds. Enjoy some bucatini and housewives and call it a day. Perfection. I love u.

Sweet Crusty Boi

I love you so much! I'd say yes to spending the rest of our lives together in a million different pee spots ❤️



I love my baby ❤️

He’s the best. He keeps me cool when I get stressed 💕 I love you so much baby! Happy Valentine’s Day dirty boy 😘


Thank you for the best security butt evar. (Also probably the kids, but certainly the butt.) Luv, Snugglewumps.

Israeli Princess

You are the sun. I am the moon. A coast away, And still I swoon.


7 years has gone by too fast. I love how much we've grown together and the life we've built. I can't wait to see what awaits us and our little moley.

Bouncy Boi

Our first v day was spent with movies & pizza (3!!!! years ago!!) so here’s to another year of hot & ready ;) Love you bunches

I Love You, M

Happy Valentine’s Day! I feel so lucky that I get to wake up next to you every day. Here’s to more travel, sex, & celebration in our future. Xoxo, B

Hump that grump

To the guy who loves his lil chonk, wonder if you’d like to bonk? Not in the morning, it’s meat hucking season, would never commit powder day treason.

Only for my Fans!

Hey, Seattle boys! Thanks for all the love you show me as I show myself! *smooches* Corbin @MOCubHot4U

Mx Falafel

Ich hab es verrückt gefunden, dass du mir ich liebe dich so schnell gesagt hast... doch mit Zeit liebe ich dich auch mehr und mehr!

My hero, my Jeni

You are the oxygen I breathe. I am so lucky you love me! Happy Valentine's Day!!


Jesus, I am your squirrel and you are my nut. I love you so much!!! XOXOXOXOXOX Forever POR FAVOOOORRRR XOXOXOXXX Happy Valentine's Day My Love <3<3


Holy fuck! We've almost been married 2 decades! & now we have our (not so) little bean. Can't wait to take these badass trips w/ you this year & 4eva!

You are cool!

Thanks for being my boyfriend, letting me borrow your flannels, snorkeling lessons, cocktails. <3 your lesbian girlfriend

Maria Generates Love

If there’s a power outage, mi carino’s bear hug can jumpstart electricity that can send shock waves through you. Bring on the love storm! xoxo Roy

To Paco, love Ted

I love your sweet smile and kind heart. Also, too, making your tits bounce. Let’s drop the dog at daycare and have a little fun.

Pretty ladyfriend

Baby, you do it all and you look damn good while you do it. I adore you!

My Dream Come True

I'm begging you Fill me up I’ll clean it up Hunky man, you know I stan Let's shake and bake Love, Your Pancake

Triceratops <3

Thank you for keeping your promise. I am so proud of you for surviving cancer & cannot wait to celebrate. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Gal Pal

Your gifts make me feel known, your smile makes me warm, your time is an honor. I'm so lucky to know you, let's go have a big gay date with harissa! C

Hubsband Wifelet

Sheesh, do I love you. That's all. Thanks for this life, for all of your isms. You're the best kitten Papa. Still staring at your lips after 11 years


J. You trying to be less funny to help my birth recovery was laughable. I love you so damn much & Im grateful that weve built all this together. xo N

Love you Fancypants!

... I'm pretty sure you've always been here. *smooches!*

Sexiest daddy alive

My love,u brighten my world and give me the deepest warmth imaginable.i love kissing u and snuggling up on u.xoxo happy valentines day babe—ur pumpkin

My darling hedgehog

Whatever degree of consciousness, plane of existence or circle of life you inhabit now, you are forever filled with and surrounded by love and light.

My Dearest Badger

Life with you is so wonderful, even when stuck in our home together for going on three years. Here's to growing ever more crickity together!

Zoe Zoe Zoes Matoes

Sweetest little Zoe I know Wear a pink mask wherever you go And know that you are loved!

Donnie Candy Bean

Thirteen years, man! Thir..thirteen! THIRTEEEEEN! YEEEEARS! Gimme two kisses! And then 78,345 more. I love you.

TM of the #12s!

You are still more than missed around these parts! Wishing you all the love, happiness and healing your heart can hold! L

E We Are The Great

Very luscious. You do it so well. Five three.

Girl. Let's wed.

When I was looking at you the other day and I was all, "Let's get married" I really meant "We're already gonna spend the rest of our lives together."

Mimi Loves Dale

you were so cute! your pick up line was hysterical - your commitment forever... be my Valentine?

Fuck you

Your words mean nothing to me. You abandoned your kids and say you’re depressed. Eat shit. Dead beat bear.

Pirate + Mermaid

4yrs ago you asked if I was ready for something serious. Had more than our share of obstacles but we always find our way. 143 my King, Master, 4ever

Valentines Day Sucks

I’m glad you hate this stupid holiday too. I don’t think i could be with someone who loves this shit, lovey poo

Boo - Redeux

N- It all started with a Stranger Valentine 11 years ago. Happy 10 year wedding anniversary my love. -C


Steal hawt aftur awl theez yeirs! Eye luhv yur sawpht feat. Allsow yur meyend. Allsow uv koarse u az uh whowl.

feathering out loud


I Love You, You Know

Jon, you are truly the best thing in my life. Thanks for always being there. Love you!! 😘❤️💕 Nicole

my one true blenny

you are a gentle and loving soul and i want to bury my face in between your thighs. like all the time. literally all the time, like i'm snorkeling


Fat Tuesday Valentine Wednesday Thursday Thursday Thursday

T loves A

To Alan, my kind, loving, strong, dominant, smart, sexy-as-fuck BF. 6 mos in and I can't keep my eyes (or hands) off of you. I love you. Your Tiner

To My Hubby McBubby

From the first moment I met you, choking at my front door, I fell in love with your silly, goofy self. Thank you for being my person. Love Honey Bunny

Dear Captain Obvious

I see you. I hear you. I like you. I love you. You are special to me and always will be. Xoxo El Presidente

Beau you're a DILF

It's been nine years together and five months parenting with you and every day is a blast. I love you, hunk!

Happy VDAY Cheeds

Hey AlottaCurve, just wanted to wish you a happy v day. I love you so much and y make me happier every damn day! Prepare for a delish meal and a 💋

Bunny loves Hubby!

I love you so much darling! Looking forward to our new little bundle of joy joining our family. You're going to be a great parent! XOXO - HoneyBunny


Dragon and Rat walked claw in paw In magic hour all indigo Both blessed that pointless chains of cause Once bound them there, so long ago

To the Ardent Queen

Your allergic Sex demon loves you! Happy Valentimes to our pack leader and royal voluptuous Dutchess! Thank you for all you do for us. xoxoxox

Jane Austen romance

C- Intimacy at a pace that makes sense for us. With you, something in me softens and gently breaks, like a charred red pepper pressed into oil. -R

❤️Skokie! My Beacon ❤️

Dear Marcy, I’m so grateful to have found, loved, and been loved by the most amazing woman on the planet from whom I learn & grow every day. ITTF ❤️-D

Mighty Boosh n chill

S.E.K. you make me so nervous. I’m in a constant state of dying to talk to you but my brain gets stupid and I don’t know what to say.

Mr Wizard,

For an ass, you’ve got a cute butt. And you’re still my favorite person. - Flip

To my hero 💕

Quarter of a century late, but here we are. You’re my best friend, love, lover, accomplice, and soon husband. It’s about time. I love you. -your Angel

Gluten-Free PDA

Dear Workaholic Sparklepuss Babeman: You're annoying, but kind. We need to make out again. Oh, and fuck Covid. And me. With love, Mopey Cute Butt.

Dear Ted,

You grab my ass hard Daily, you make great coffee Sweetness in all things I am not afraid To show you my love for dick Yours, preferably Love, Paco

<3 To My Timmy Kitty

Thanks for letting me drag you all around the world, even the hot places with terrible insects! I love you most and bestest! <3 Your Kitty Kate


Tiffany, I have yet to find a blowjob as good as yours. I wish I hadn't have fucked things up with my depression and emotional trauma. Love you! <3


Your smile, laugh, and your eyes still light me up like first day we met. I love you so much, and I dream of many better days ahead for us. - Billy

i love you poopoos

kinkos is still the god of debbielove, all these years later. i love you wife lady!!

To my Angel

I have loved you my since I put roses on your chair over two decades ago. My heart has been yours and forever will, my wife to be. - your Hero

Woman w Beret at MoM

You wore pink beret at MoM on the 3rd. I had a blue puffy coat on. Less hip, more Russian apartment complex. Your winning smile stuck with me. <3


Happy birthday and happy love day - our 15th spent together!!! Let's watch Erika Lust films, eat cake, and drink fancy beers, in any order. ;-)

Be My Snug Top

Hey Trucker Daddy, you are and always will be the only Snug for me. Much love for you & for all your delicious pink parts. I'm yours, clothespin xo

Marshmallow <3 Sloth

Though we are no longer together, you are still very loved. Hope you're living your happiest and best life. <3

A great way to start

I am so lucky you accept me for who i am. Looking forward to many shows and staying in. Let's make memories and make out in photo booths.

Evan… I mean Sam

Happy Valentine’s Day bub! I’m so glad you hit my line ;) love you lots.

In Blueberry Fields

6am fence hoppers, doubly clandestine. Nestled in dew-kissed grass, I see only you, backlit on azure sky. Merged as one, our wave is still rippling.

Mike from 2013

You requested a high five at our first meeting this coming Thursday, but when I suggested feet pics and choking tonight, you obliged. You're sweet <3


It's been an awesome 15 years...that just keep getting better!

Fucking Kettle

Been good getting to know ya Kettle. Been hot fucking side-by-side, and looking forward to more adventures!

Bizarre-o Brucey

Beatnik bass-clarinet Bird bluesing bibliophile biking baby bad boy--best birthday bash!!

Hej Spejderdreng 💖

Tillykke med Valentine’s Day 🇩🇰🇺🇸🤗