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If you're hosting an event and you'd like it to be considered for The Stranger's calendar, we'd love to hear about it! Please use this form to tell us all the details.

Once you've submitted it, an email will be sent to one of our calendar editors, who will process your information and add the event to our calendar as soon as they can. Please note that filling out this form does not automatically add your event to our calendar, and, based on the quantity of requests we receive, it may take us some time to get to your email. We appreciate your patience.

If you'd like your event to be considered for inclusion in print, please let us know about it at least a month ahead of time. If you'd like to be considered for our Seattle Art + Performance quarterly publications, the deadlines can be found here. If your event is happening sooner, this form is still the best way to let us know about your event.

Please note also that, while our goal is to list as many Seattle events as we possibly can, there are some things we can't list, such as events at private homes and price discounts happening at regular stores.

Thanks a ton!

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Please note that we generally rewrite event descriptions before entering them into our calendar, in order to match our style and space restrictions. However, please use this field to describe your event as best you can to give us a good idea about what your event is.

Please give us as much information about the venue as you know. We're more likely to add your listing if we have complete information.

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