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Cocktail Compass is a fun, easy to use app that is all about putting thirsty drinkers together with local businesses that want to sell them a drink RIGHT NOW. Cocktail Compass tells the story of how and where folks socialize in your town. People love using the app to discover the hyperlocal cocktail scene around them.

Cocktail Compass is expanding and looking for local partners. We partner with local media companies and sales organizations to deliver great happy hour content to local markets. We help you build audience, create great Happy Hour content and make some money in the process.

With Cocktail Compass, partners get a ready to go co-brand in the app with very little investment. We are committed to helping our partners build audience in their local market and sell advertising to local bars, clubs and restaurants. It's a good deal for everyone.

If you or your organization would like more information on partnering in your market please drop us a note at

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