The Essential Tool for the Hyperlocal Lush

Cocktail Compass is the free mobile app that wants a drink as much as you do. Our super scientific countdown tells you exactly how much time you need to get off your ass, grab a friend and hit the streets to find a drink…STAT!


  • Happy Hour Countdown — Any app can get you to the bar, but Cocktail Compass is the only one to tell you if you should walk or run. Our Happy Hour countdown tells you how long each Happy Hour will last.
  • Deep Content — Want to know more about a bar? See some pictures? Read some reviews? We got it covered. Cocktail Compass serves up killer content and user reviews from all the best joints. Not seeing your favorite bar's special chorizo quesadilla mentioned? No problem, add the information right from the app.
  • Get Home Safe — Cocktail Compass isn't done navigating just because you found the bar. The app helps you get home safely with simple one-touch cab calling.
  • Designed for Drunkie Fingers™ — We have redesigned the app so it's easy to use on the go, in dark bars, on the run from the cops and even when you have the Drunkie Fingers.™

A Drink Special is Always At Hand

Imagine if you had a personal assistant whose only job is to find you a delicious cocktail, right now, at a good price. Now imagine this little buddy in your pocket, ready to go anywhere you go. We know, sounds sort of uncomfortable at first. At Cocktail Compass we packed years of drinking intel and local flavor to give you the drinking buddy you always wished for.

Our database of bars and booze will guide you to the right spot at the right time to get a cheap drink. No wonder they call it Happy Hour. Check out the features we packed into this little booze hound.

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