Hey, Look! It's The Stranger's 2018 Pet Issue!

Starring some of the city's finest dogs, cats, snakes, parrots, and squirrels.

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So You're the Bad Boy Who Moved Here for Amazon

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Gay Dodgeball Melts the Seattle Freeze

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Welcome to Seattle, New Person!

Here are some tips and my condolences.

The Best Places to Take Day Hikes If You Live in Seattle

All of them are conveniently located off I-90.

Seven Places in Seattle to Go When You Feel Lonely But Don't Want to Interact with Anyone

Seattleites' natural fear of confrontation means it's likely no one will bother you here.

How Seattle City Hall Works (And How to Make It Work for You)

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Renting in Seattle? Ask Me Anything

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What It's Like to Live in a Space the Size of a Closet

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The Secret History of Romantic Customs

Why we kiss, give flowers, write cards, and draw hearts.

Disgusted by Men? Date Women Instead.

Celebrate this Valentine's Day by becoming a lesbian.
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