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Elaine Lin

My Dearest Cera C

I love you more than you will ever know. Always and forever, -D

Snotty Little Doggie

I <3 you and all your doggie friends. Every pillow needs a dog, and you are on top of mine.

Cera C

Love love love love love love love love love love you Thats a lot of love. So like, feel something. Kisses and hugs, D

Bark bark bark yap

Snuggle me, its cold. I'm so scared. Wait who gave that dog permission to be on TV? Why don't you go to the kitchen and get me a treat, skip the PQ

Deviant & Debaucherous

To my schmoops <3

Grateful for another year of holding your hand and sharing your warms, and lucky to come home to you every night. Love you so much. XOXO

Binge watchers :)

Looking forward to a romantic weekend, House of Cards-style. Love you more than Kevin Spacey loves ribs!

Mexican iguana

Even though you try to blame me for yellowing up the sheets and we can't have nice things, becoming your roomie was the best thing I did all year.

Big Sexy Forever

Bubba, every day with you is an adventure and a joy. I'm such a lucky girl to have you in my life. Here's to our Ireland pub crawl! Xoxo. Lil sexy


You are my very favorite thing. Love, your top pony

Moon of my life

Paddy: I am so full of gross feelings for you. The GROSSEST. (I love you like crazy and I'm so lucky to have you for a partner) xoxo. yours, Leahbera

Hey Sleepy Butt

I love our cats, but I adore you even more. Looking forward to travelling the world together. And weekends of not leaving the apartment. -Hubs


This last year has been full of all kinds of craziness, but you're still the only one I want to spend all my days with. Forever. Let's make a baby!

I roll and you roll

I cannot explain how lucky I am to wake up in your arms every morning, DJ Apollo, and share your days. Your loving bird of a feather, Lo.


We are 12 billion light-years from the edge. That's a guess. No one can ever say it's true. But I know that I will always be with you. - your boo boo

7 Year Itch?

Can you believe banana it's been 7 years and I still fantasize about u everyday? Butterflies in my stomach, hands always on the desk. Urs.<3 Bunny

My Beautiful Wife

My Darling Chelsea, I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentines.


I miss you. That is all. Always, your weasel.

My darling Taryn

I fall deeper in love with you each passing moment. Finding you again after a lifetime apart made me believe in magic. I'm your Patrick forever <3


Happy 5 days short of 15 years of lovin!! You are damn sexy and an incredibly thoughtful man. Happy Valentines Day my love. -Schmoobie


Love you! Snugglewumps


You make my life complete and Im Looking forward to spending our future together! - Chucky

Lady Buffington!

happy valentines day! let's get in trouble and have some fun!! xo and xo.

Made For Each Other

Mushroom, you're the love of my love. You're my other half. You're mine. Same love, baby girl. SAME LOVE. Thanks for being my slothcat! Always.

To My Kitty!

I love you like I love my coffee! Lots! and Everyday! Be my snuggle-tine <3 All the loves! From Your Kitty!


i love you! happy valentine's day!!!


You're my Diamond Head unadulterated. You're my piping hot popover. You're my fried chicken on a grassy knoll. You're my beloved curlfeathered Seagal!



You're so awesome!!

Rebecca, you are so wonderful and amazing and stuff! I still can't believe how lucky I am to be married to you!

I Hoot You

It started in Japanese class, where I learned I did in fact give two hoots about you. Now we are dating and getting better in Japanese.

To Mike From Erin

I knew I loved you because of Samson. I'm so glad that elk photo-bombed you. But, that's all old news... Let's make New-ews. :)

Baby Machine

Hey baby, we're having a baby! I love you and I love our almost-born daughter!

To Ellen

You're awesome! Thanks for marrying me and making such a beautiful baby girl with me. I love you. -Joe


Thanks for being my sweetie forever ~ I love you even more than the night on the hill <3 <3 <3

! R O Y A L !

Happy Valentines Day, little buddy. You're just more awesome every day, and I loves ya. Dad

Thank you MKL!

You bring continuous light and love to our lives and I am so fortunate. I love you so. LMM, MML

Dearest Potatoface,

Marrying you last year was the best thing that happened to me in my whole life. Forever with you is my favorite. Your "Mine" always, Fruitcup!

My Alaska Curlew

Looking forward to many long, sunny days and starry nights with my husband Dan, with much love from your red-headed wolverine. Happy Valentine's Day!

**Holy Cow!**

Has it really been almost 10 years? I still love and adore you everyday, and our future home on the moon will be a testament to our love!

Lightning Lady Lives

Before it was just a clever name. Love you so much & love how awesomely dedicated you are - to our kids, our beautiful home, & that damn 13th mile. <3

Left my heart in SF

You were a terrible boyfriend and a mediocre lay at best, but I can't seem to move on. I miss you, Tim, happy Valentine's Day.

To my future wife...

This year is the beginning of the rest of our lives together, & this babaloo couldn't be happier. I love you Bubbie, and our Samily: Sammy and Ginger!

For Brittannicka

A borrowed phrase: Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


You + me + iPuppy makes three! Seeing you embrace fatherhood makes me love you more than I thought possible. To the great adventure ahead - huzzah!


What can i say monkey. You are a challenge and I love you for that. Thank you for the bruises, the love bites and mental anguish. Always a surprise XO


I love you and am so excited about our upcoming adventures. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

Welcome to Hell!

Welcome to Hell, Bitch! Much love, as always!

Lil Monkey Paw

Happy Valentines Day from Grandma kitty & her real mom! We love you more than Friskies & naps.

<3<3 Pork Buns <3<3

Starting & ending every day by looking at your smiling face is the best. You are kinder than I ever knew. Let's Porky Pig it forever. xo!

like a boogie board

much better than a surfboard, your board of choice awaits. take me to the your beach and we can get wet together.


Thanks for all you do for me and our family. You're Superwife, Supermom and all that is good in my life. Best thing that ever happened to me. ))((

<3 To my kitty! <3

I'll always save my afternoons for snuggling. Here's to naughty times and nerdy times, which are especially good when combined. Love, your kitty.

NAT & ANDREA <3<3<3

Thanks for being my down ass bitches through and through. Just wanted to let you lovely ladies know that I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU! #singlewivesclub #942sluts

Super Dave

I'm so delighted to be spending my life with you! I love you so much! You're my favorite thing.

Papabear <3

This little pigeon will always love you, and cherish you in her heart when life's pendulums sway.

Are you real?

My Perfect Sunshine, 3 years in and I love you more than ever. I still can't believe your mine. Let's adventure, giggle, and enjoy each other forever!

We love Julie!!!

Wife, mom, nurse, angel and goddess. How we (your son and I especially) love thee, Jules! Happy Valentines Day! XOXO -Benton & LB

Eat My Blender?

LL, you're wonderful, smart, silly, and I love you more than anything. Thanks for the gummy tummies and Parks and Rec. marathons, cutie.

Patsy my love

Your irresponsibility is enlightening and charming. Thanks for all the late night Vino V and early morning headaches. Love, Eddie

To my Ginger Mike

Vday number 5 & I have loved every single one. Broke or not, living at the wall or back at home, where ever life takes us, I'm glad to be together. <3

Hey Ketten!

Very love. Much kisses. Wow.


You know I care, I wouldn't call you out on your shit if I didn't. I miss your face, I miss your voice, I miss my friend.


Every day since you left your job, you've been happier and healthier. I'm so excited for the years to come. I love you more than ever!

To my John

Fate brought us together- the thief and the escort. 4 rough years, but the bad days are all behind us. Thank you for our life together, beloved Daddy.

Hey Sugarlips!

So much sparkles. Lots of kisses. Muah!

Peace-fishes 4 life!

Alix, I'm sorry I can't visit you more than once or twice a year. But thank you for being my best friend.

Lightsabers = Love

Shelby, You're my moon and stars, the Jedi Master to my padawan, the slinky, geeky, amazingly beautiful woman who I can't wait to come home to. Luv S

My Bloody Valentine

Horror movies and kisses. Love you sugar.


kissing you and spooning you and feeling you inside of me as i memorize the moment. you are my everything forever and i treasure every day with you <3

On This Valentine's:

I send out much love to all the people struggling to keep their head above water in life. You are loved, you are thought about, and you matter.

Do you peach mitch?

Will you marry me? Oops, already are! I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with you. Among others. *Wink* Space is short, let me just add: Nlooop!

dork face puppy

I love you both 4ever. I'm the luckiest lady pimp in the world cause of you boys. You are my rock and my heart. No 1 fucks with da hippy love Jessus

My only Love

Bianca, you are my sunshine. Love Mommy

<3 Peanut Square

I don't know what a peanut square is either, but, I want it, and I want you. Thanks for making me feel like the only squirrel in the world. <3

Julian Boobear

It has been a crazy year for us but I wouldn't have anyone else at my side. You are my best friend and closest confidant.iloveusomuchdreamboatsoulmate


Mine, and yours, and our baby boy's. The last six months have been so tough, but I am more in love with and amazed by you every day. Yrs always, Urs.

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Gooey for you

Last year has been pretty sleep deprived, but this has been the best sleeplessness I could imagine. I'll always be your Goo. Xoxo

The Luckiest

In a white see of eyes, you're the one pair I recognize. Thank you for making me the luckiest, each and every day. I love you, MRW. 8.4.11


Not a day goes by when I don't count myself SO very lucky that you are in my life. And you turn me on like whoa. I love you and want you the most xoxo


My love among loves, my falcon dove. Every moment is magical, every day a delight, every year a... ycelebration. All my love, always yours.


Tu me manques - you are missing from me...still. You pierced my heart with the arrow of your love but then withdrew it.

LouLou, my big spoon

This has been the best five years of my life. Me + you + kc = best team ever. I love you, always. Xoxox, Jor the lil spoon

Interested, EK?

I was. Luckily, so were you. We joke, but we both know that if you hadn't been, I still would've.


Haida Gwaii, Gulf Islands, Panama, any road trip to anywhere, any restaurant, any bar, especially if they sell "Ripass." You're my favorite. XO, Rick

I Miss You Mister

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I grow fonder and fonder each day. :)


I love you P. You are my rock and you have my heart. B

Thanks for 11 yrs!

Alice, I still remember the first time I saw you and the way I felt. I still feel that way...despite being a new decade! Love you, Jeremy

Much Valentines

So happy. Very loving. Much luckiest. Wow.

Every Day in Love

Happy Valentine's Day, Stace! I know we are just a boring ole domesticated couple, but I still love you new every single day! Love, k.

To my Thor

TOM- together we could rule Asgard - K

To George with Love

Thanks for making my days a little brighter. You remind in some little way everyday how lucky I am to have found you. Be mine? Love K

Dear Shmoopie

Thanks for all those weekends of laundry & Friday Night Lights back when we were dating. Getting married was a great idea. Happy Valentine's, husband!

Mi LUNA ..

Cowboy Coffee Sourdough Toast Couch Love Napping Rain Fall BLT's Did I mention That I LOVE YOU !!!!!! and toast. Jack .....


You make me the happiest girl in the world. I love our life together and I can't wait to marry you! Love, your little ladybug.


B, you are some kind of superhero, rockstar, choose-your-own-adventure force of nature and I am absolutely crazy about you!!! -M

Babe hearts Scooter

This is going to be the best year yet...and you'll always be my main squeeze. Couldn't love you more if I tried. To the moon! XO JNA

My Stardust

Dear Aileen B: Searching near and far twenty four years back before found my falling star Love, Mike

Chibo Nacho

Konnichiwa Kuma-chan. Mainen onaji message kedo, mainen kimi to ai shiteru. Dakara, kore dake: gao gao gao gao gao.

Twin toilets?

Oh Jesson, I'm the luckiest girl to have found a partner like you, who is a best friend to me and the best dad to that hilarious boy we made. XXOO

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